Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 Guide

Parts list; Car parts lists with prices and total restoration cost for Car Mechanic Simulator 2015

Parts list; Car parts lists with prices and total restoration cost


Ever wondered in game how many and which parts you need when you walk to you computer to make an order? No more! I present you a full parts list with prices and full list of parts (and their total cost) for every car in game divided by part category – you can use it as spreadsheet opened on another monitor/computer, you can print it and have a paper reference for every car or you can view every list in this guide by clicking in the content menu on the right – you choose how you like to use it!

Guide updates



Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC – alternate Engine option added, V8 1carb OHC is now a standard option (weaker), V8 SOHC is an upgrade (more powerful, higher selling price)

All standard cars – done, 0 to go:

  1. Bolt Reptilia Slammed V8
  2. Castor Earthquake
  3. Castor Eathquake DUB
  4. Delray Custom AWD 12
  5. Maluch Drag V6
  6. Rino Piccolo Monster
  7. Sakura GT20 Drag V8
  8. Salem Flamo Drag V8
  9. Salem Kieran L6
  10. Salem Spectre Fastback


Updating… 32 cars done, had a little break from this “job” i got myself into.


Car list update – first pass, 28 cars done

Some movement here at last, started updating few days ago and today i want to invite you to see what i’m gonna do with this guide in next weeks. Read about new section “UPDATED CARS” below.

This new section will be for updated cars only – until i finish updating all cars with new format.

New format means updated parts, names, performance parts and selling prices; also visual changes that will make this big chunk of data more readable (i hope). I also changed the way auction prices are shown – now there is a range of prices this car was bought for; i decided to change the “star system” – it wasn’t accurate enough and a chore to update.

Performance parts are also a problem – putting them all in doesn’t give you a positive restoration/selling price boost from what i have seen (parts are more expensive than the selling price boost they give), so i will try at some point to pinpoint which parts do give bonus, for now i will try to update car list and selling prices.

One more thing i need some feedback on is highlighting parts in the main list (standard engine) showing you what parts you will exchange with those from other engine builds – you can see this in Bolt Hellcat list. The highlight color is connected with other Engine option name bar.

Today i’m only giving you 2 cars because i want to present the new format, maybe get some feedback even ;). I’m concentrating on DLC cars for now, so i will mostly update this side of the list.

  1. Restored – car completely fixed, all parts are new – selling price
  2. Enhanced – all aplicable tuning, best combination (excluding part-by-part performance parts)
  3. Potential gain – math behind this is simple: enhanced_price – max_auction_price + min_parts_sold – visual_cost – max_engine_option
  4. Auction prices – range min – max of all known/put in a “database” transactions
  5. Old parts sold for – what you got for car parts after repairing them (of course you can use them -> earn more, it’s a stat needed for potential gain)
  6. Visual tuning – body parts (best combination of A/B) + wheels from tuning shop
  7. Selling – price for a car with swapped engine shown on the left
  8. Upgrade – this means “upgrade from full standard engine”, so let’s say FULL V6 cost + upgrade
  9. Empty – buiding new engine from “empty” option, always cheaper (buying engine in SWAP menu is very expensive)
  10. Standard Engine, number of parts and cost
  11. Middle option, usually not recommended if you want to get your price as high as possible
  12. Best engine for this car, most expensive option is the way to go to get your selling price high

Misc. Red/Green for selling prices informs you if you gain or lose on this option. Red also shows expenses in other cells.


-* 25 Aug 2015 *-
#Update 3
– Updated: Katagiri Katsumoto, Maluch

#Update 2
– Updated: Rino Piccolo, Royale Bianco, Royale GTR, Salem Spectre, Salem Flamo, Mioveni Urs, Mayen M8

#Update 1
– Added: Bolthorn Grand Mojave

Just a reminder – “+ tuning” means 4 x rims from tuning shop + all body parts A/B (highest possible for a specific car)

-* 24 Aug 2015 *-
Update #3
– Added: Delray Custom
– Updated: Bolt Hellcat

Update #2
– Added: Castor Earthquake Rex

Update #1
Hey, that was a long break… But i have all dlc so now when i feel like playing the game again – i’ll try to update everything, first update – SAKURA GT20.

You can see on Sakura info card i decided to go with a new info panel – now it shows tuning parts cost and tunned car selling price; it will always show the highest tier tuning possible. Visual Tuning is really straightforward – the more expensive parts you put into a car, the car value will go higher, so there is really no need (in my opinion) for a list of all parts and their effect on the car value (i started making such list but realised it’s really pointless as every car has diffrent value, but it’s always better to put expensive parts if you just want to sell it for profit).

– Fixed: wrong file under “Front R. Gear” – showed rear r. gear, for past few months… Nobody saw it?

– Added: Sakura GT20

– Removed: spreadsheet file section


Welcome to my first guide for Car Mechanic Simulator 2015!

I’m sure you sometimes forget what you need to buy to repair a specific mechanism in the game – thats where my guide comes in, because with it you can:

  • view all car parts and their prices
  • check how much you will pay for restoration of a specific car (if you have enough money to do it)
  • get a shopping list for all parts needed for a specific car – names, amounts and prices

I wanted this guide to be as accurate as possible so i went through all cars in detail making sure that i will not put a false info in here – as you can imagine it took a lot of my free time – I hope this guide will be useful to you.

Bentley Continental GT Speed

Bentley T-Series

Bolt Hellcat

Bolthorn Grand Mojave

Bolt Reptilia

Bolt Reptilia Slammed V8

Castor Earthquake

Castor Earthquake DUB

Castor Earthquake Rex

DeLorean DMC-12

DeLorean SciFi

Delray Custom

Delray Custom AWD W12

Delray Imperator

Echos Cobra

Echos Cobra Drag

FMW Panther

Katagiri Katsumoto

Katagiri Katsumoto JDM


Maluch Drag V6

Maserati MC Stradale

Maserati Sebring

Maserati Quattroporte

Mayen M6

Mayen M8

Mayen M8 Race

Mercedes-Benz 300 SL

Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC

Mioveni Urs

Rino Picollo

Rino Piccolo Monster

Royale Bianco

Royale Crown

Royale GTR

Sakura GT20

Sakura GT20 Drag V8

Sakura Moon

Sakura Moon AWD W12

Salem Flamo

Salem Flamo Drag V8

Salem Kieran

Salem Kieran L6

Salem Spectre

Salem Spectre Fastback

Tempest Magnum

Tempest Magnum AWD W12

BONUS: Potential gain listing

BONUS: LibreOffice Calc file

Will work with latest LibreOffice (, not sure with other office tools.
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