Fallout: New Vegas Guide

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♡ ꜱᴘᴇᴇᴅʀᴜɴ ᴛɪᴘꜱ ♡


This guide is for the Speedrun of Fallout New Vegas Two Guides Glitch Speedrun and Glitchless ill be making one for Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 later!I will also be making a Sex Speedrun for both games too(Credit to: Kungkobra: https://www.speedrun.com/fallout_nv/guide/1k53e and Akarion: https://www.speedrun.com/fallout_nv/guide/p3ikp)

Before Starting

Before starting, make sure you’ve capped your framerate to 60 or below. (VSync is ♥♥♥♥ and still makes the game run faster than hard capping with 3rd party tools such as Dxtory or MSI Afterburner)

The latest steam version for the game is what the run is performed on (Patch 1.4). The only difference between the Ultimate Edition and the regular is that Ultimate Editon includes all DLC released for the game.

Have only the Caravan Pack DLC enabled, disable all other DLC. (You need to actually delete/rename the DLC from the Data folder since disabling them through the launcher/steam won’t do anything) The reason you don’t want them is because they give you a pop-up ingame, which wastes time.

Rebind Quicksave and Quickload to keys that you easily can reach (For example I have quicksave bound to Q and quickload bound to G).

Use Livesplit as timer and set your game in the split file as Fallout: New Vegas, then activate the load remover (Make sure you’re comparing against Game Time. Right Click > Compare Against > Game Time).

If you have issues with mouse acceleration in menus, try this fix:
1. Go to the installation folder.
2. Open Fallout_default.ini
3. Find the section: [Controls]
4. Add these lines:


If you have issues with the game crashing in load zones, find the following line in the fallout_default.ini:


change the line to 1 and add the line iNumHWThreads=2 underneath it.
(Should look like the lines below, if 2 doesn’t work, try having a 1 instead)


If editing fallout_default.ini didn’t work, try also editing the fallout.ini file in the my documentsmy gamesFalloutNV folder.

If you want to be advanced and use Italian voice files (Saves only 4 seconds, it is in no way required for the current optimization level of any% runs), you can install them by backing up your english installation, then switching your language to italian in steam (Properties > Language > Italian), find the “Fallout – Voices1.bsa” file in the Data folder and copy it. Go back to english and paste the italian voice file in the english Data folder. Note that some steam regions do not have access to italian (EU2 version most notably).

Your game will crash. A lot. The duct taped mess of an engine this game was made on doesn’t run very well, neither does it handle the speed from reload dashing well. Crashes, freezes and the odd softlock is stuff you have to deal with when running this game, but due to frequent quicksaves you shouldn’t lose too much time because of it (Providing you exit and relaunch your game quickly).

Glitches used / Useful things to know

Some relevant terms and techniques used when running, or other stuff that’s useful to know.

Controls = Most of the keys are rebindable in the controls menu, but some actions are hardcoded and cannot be rebound, such as menuing with the Arrow keys, and bringing up/switching screens on the pip-boy with the F-keys (F1, F2, F3). The vendor menus are also unrebindable.

Load Screen Movement = After any load screen the screen will fade in from black, taking an extra second before you can see anything. You can control your character during this fade in, so plan your movement accordingly.

QSQL = QuickSave and QuickLoad. Technique used to abuse several game mechanics such as skipping dialogue, negate fall damage, clip through walls and reset NPC attack animations.

FT = Fast Travel. It’s what you do to quickly warp to a point on the map which you’ve already explored.

Text Mashing = Mashing Left Mouse Button and ENTER is the fastest way to get through dialogue. This however risks skipping triggers, but the only time this matters in Any% is with Doc Mitchells dialogue (But you can mash with both regular enter and the numpad enter to get a safe fast text here), but if you do other categories such as Max Quests this is something to keep in mind.

coc Warp/Void Warp = Every interior cell in the game has a set spawn point where actors go when they for some reason fall out of bounds. This also applies to the player, so we can use that engine mechanic to our advantage in several locations to warp us to beneficial places. (coc stands for “center on cell” and is what the warp point is called within the engine)

Reload Dashing = Is the main movement technique used in the run. You perform this glitch by reloading a weapon with a one at the time animation such as the .357 Revolver, bringing up the pip-boy menu and then unequipping it whilst moving in a direction. The .357 Revolver is the fastest one to get and instead of shooting 1 bullet and then reloading the gun, it’s faster to buy 2 different ammo types and simply swap between them with the Ammo Swap button (bound to 2 by default).
I recommend learning how to navigate the pip-boy menu without using the mouse, since moving the mouse around tends to sometimes make dashes not work (it’s also slower).
The most optimal way to dash is to double tap ammo swap, press F2 quickly after and then interrupt the animation with your Fire Weapon key (most likely LMB). This will instantly bring up your pipboy and allow for faster chaining.
This glitch also has a high risk of crashing the game in several ways unfortunately.

>>>Inputs: 2, 2, F2, LMB, Up, Enter, TAB.

Other strange traits and effects regarding this glitch you might want to know is that if you have crippled legs, or QSQL’d too close to the ground after falling a great distance, dashing won’t work. To fix this, QS>Quit to Main Menu>Load save.

The pip-boy menu will default to the last thing you clicked (even when just binding), so when exiting the menu make sure the .357 was the last thing you clicked.

If your pc is weak your dashes might end up going a shorter distance over a pc that can keep a steady 60 fps.

If you press Enter twice on the same item in the pip-boy menu, the game will crash.

You can curve dashes by swiping the mouse left or right after initiating the dash. (Don’t do it too early, or you risk making the dash not work at all)

TPI (Third Person Interaction) = An unintended mechanic that allows the player to interact with objects through walls by distorting the camera in third person mode. Simply stand against a wall, enable third person mode and interact with object through wall (might also twist the camera like shown here [link] )

Time Stop = Bring up the map screen and mash/time Right Click (Much, much easier to do if you unbind right click from anything). If done correctly you will have a “Do you want to place a custom marker?” text box in the middle of your screen and everything around you should be frozen, but you can still move around.

Speedcripple = A now obsolete glitch due to Reload Dashing being found. By crippling your legs and quickly uncrippling them by loading a save the moment you cripple them, you can gain a ~50% movement speed increase. This works because the game is fooled into thinking you got crippled (removing ~50% movement speed) but since you loaded a save where they aren’t crippled (100% movement speed), the game tries to give the lost speed from having crippled legs back to you (~150% movement speed).
Speedcripple is very inconsistent to get, and if your legs get crippled or if you exit the game/go back to the main menu, the glitch disappears.
The reason this glitch is obsolete is because Reload Dashing has some negative synergy with the animation your character has when crippled, such as being unable to dash forward, and giving shorter dashes whilst strafing.

For videos explaining these glitches check out the glitch video guide: [link]

Useful Console Commands (For practice only, not allowed in runs)
tgm – God Mode (unlimited ammo and health)
tcl – noclip
tcg – visualize invisible walls and collisions
player.setav speedmult xxx – increase walking speed
qqq – close game
tmm 1 – discover all locations

Route Notes


Time starts when you skip the intro cutscene.
Be prepared to skip DLC popup within 6 seconds, random when it’ll load. (DOWN, ENTER)
Confirm Name (ENTER)
Choose a gender, finish character creation. (DOWN, ENTER, DOWN, ENTER ENTER ENTER. When confirmation box appears press ESC)
[You can also use mouse if you prefer. Click 4th button labeled HAIR, then DONE. Press ESC on next box]
The moment you can move your mouse, QSQL twice and walk towards the Vig-o-Tester Machine.
When close to the machine, QSQL and Activate the machine.
Reduce STR to 1 and PER to 4, then increase END to 10 and CHR to 10. Exit machine with A the moment you’ve put 10 in CHR.
Take a few steps back and QSQL 4-5 times.
Push Doc Mitchell to his chair and sit on couch.
Choose all top options in dialogue. (Mash with ENTER and Numpad ENTER)
Confirm that SPEECH and SURVIVAL is tagged. Also switch Melee Weapons for Guns.
QSQL 3 times. (Wait a split second for doc mitchells script to catch up)
Choose the Good Natured trait.
When Doc moves his head, QSQL once and get up from the couch.
Talk to Doc again. (Bottom option, NO on hardcore prompt – LEFT, ENTER)
Leave Doc’s House.


Mash F2 in load screen to bring up the correct Pip-Boy screen.
Equip the Sturdy Caravan Shotgun (Or 9mm Pistol if no DLC) and FT to Goodsprings.
Walk into Chets shop and engage barter mode.
Buy bullets of one of the special ammo types that fits the .357 Revolver, amount doesnt matter. (.357 hollow point, .38 special)
Buy a .357 Revolver if he sells it, if not just confirm purchase and exit barter mode. (If he did sell it, buy regular .357 ammo too and skip next 2 steps)
Kill Chet with the shotgun (If no DLC, stand close and aim 3 fast shots to his head).
Loot Chet and take all.
Exit the shop and bring up Pipboy. Bind revolver to 1, then drop the rest of the guns except for the shotgun.
Start Reload Dashing towards Hidden Valley.
When discovering Hidden Valley, press F3 and FT to it.
Start dashing towards Black Mountain. (Reminder that F2 will bring you to the right menu for dashing)
FT to Black Mountain.
Turn 180 and start dashing towards the railway east of McCarran.
When approaching the railway, find the rock shaped like a ramp.
Dash off the ramp rock and try to land on top of the northern train.
Enter the train.


Pick Victor’s top options.
Go to Ultra-Luxe. (Submit your weapons)
Talk to Mortimer (Saying only Goodbye), then clip and void out.
Exit Ultra-Luxe.
Go to The Tops. (Submit your weapons)
Trigger the “They Went That-A-Way” quest, then turn around.
Go towards Swank, QSQL, then talk to him. (QSQL triggers level ups early)
Pick Third option, then rest all top option.
Level up (2). Put all points into Survival, then pick Black Widow or Confirmed Bachelor depending on your gender (Hold RIGHT to assign points).
Level up (3). Get 45 Survival and dump rest into Speech.
Level up (4). Dump all into Speech. Pick Travel Light perk.
Whilst leveling up you wanna bind shotgun and revolver again, and line up your shotgun towards Benny’s head. When you’re at level 4, kill Benny.
Loot all on Benny and go to the elevators.
Hold A and S after entering the elevator and QSQL once to clip, and spawn in Benny’s room.
Talk to Yes Man.
Pick the top option of Yes Man’s 7 first dialogue boxes (Until “What are the details of the plan?”).
Pick Middle Option “So I should ask these tribes…”, then 1 top option, then exit dialogue (Far bottom option).
After talking to Yes Man, sleep in Benny’s bed for an hour to heal and to teleport the bodyguards to you. (This is to make the NCR soldier not flee as you exit the Tops)
Leave The Tops. (Clip after you’ve taken the elevator) Take the right door by the coc point.
Go to Lucky 38. Try to avoid Vulpes and NCR guy.
Talk to Victor, enter Lucky 38 then talk to Victor and make him send you to the Penthouse.
Hold back/strafe left in load screen and jump as soon as you can move.
QSQL when you’re standing on the pot to clip through, the next level will most likely come here.
Level up (5). Dump all points into Speech.
Walk towards the terminal on the other side.
Stand with your face against it, hold 3rd person button and pan the camera until you can see the Activate Terminal prompt.
Unlock the door, enter and unlock Mr. House.
Kill House and exit his lair.
Turn around and clip through the wall, then another wall. Take elevator down to Casino.
Level up (6). Dump all into Speech. Perk doesn’t matter.
When exiting talk to the NCR Courier. (If not he’ll softlock you in the Gomorrah)
Dash to the Gomorrah, pick bottom option.
Exit the strip.


Exit Freeside.
Dash northeast along the highway to make it to Nellis.
Dash through the artillery field and get to the gate.
Pick top options and teleport to Pearl.
Pick Top option, then Middle option.
180, exit and mash F3 in load screen.
FT to Hidden Valley.
Enter BoS bunker, shoot a paladin and clip out.
Mash F3/TAB in load screen and FT to Goodsprings.
Make your way along/above the cliffs towards Red Rock Canyon.
After hitting the trigger in the center of Red Rock Canyon, FT to The Strip North Gate. (No confirmation when trigger is hit, get a gut feeling for when you’re far enough, or check your pipboy).


Enter the strip (Watch out for Old Ben).
Go talk to Yes Man.
Pick Middle option until the Side Bets quest is done, then ask Yes Man to join you at the Lucky 38.
Go to Lucky 38, Penthouse level.
Watch as Yes Man inserts himself into the mainframe.
Enter the Basement and hold forward in the load screen.
When first Dialogue is triggered, walk back to the door and prepare third person.
Skip the cutscene by alternating QSQL and Waits 13 to 14 times. (QSQL > Wait x13. Don’t be too quick or you can risk a softlock)
After the skip, exit the basement early. (Go to Pres. Suite > Penthouse)
Talk to Yes Man, then talk to him again.
Pick bottom option (“I don’t care…”) then top option.
Exit the Lucky 38 and FT to Black Mountain.
Dash to El Dorado Substation and enter it.
Insert the Override Chip in the terminal and activate it.
Leave and FT back to The Strip North Gate.
Level up (7). Max out Speech. Rest of the points does not matter.
Go back to Yes Man in the Lucky 38.
Talk to Yes Man and pick top option, then bottom option.
Go to the Dam.


Dash your way towards the middle of the dam.
Dash into the sandbags and hope for getting a bump up in the air so you can go over the middle building.
If you land in the water, do swim of shame and try to dash up the cliffs (If that fails do old school dam jump: [link]
It is almost never worth it to retry a dash after you’ve done it, keep moving forward.
Dash towards the Legates camp and enter it.
Do a dash into the camp, then dash in between the gate and curve your dash left. (The Legates spawn trigger is in between the gate, be sure to hit it)
Talk to the Legate.
Pick middle option, then pick the speech options. Pick top option and then the middle option.
Walk/dash towards the gate and Level up (8). Nothing in 8 matters so just get through it quick.
Hit the explosion trigger and talk to the General.
Pick Top option on first conversation.
Pick Top, Top, Top, then Middle (100 Speech <Bluff>), Top then Bottom. (Don’t scroll)
Go into third person, then talk to Yes Man whilst scrolling down like a madman.
Stop timer.

Text Mashing

Mashing textboxes in dialogue mode is significally faster when mashing with both ENTER on the keyboard and Left Mouse Button.
Not really a glitch but in speedruns you want to go fast, and thus abuse as many mechanics as you can.
It works like this because you’re basically upping the input frequency, making boxes scroll by very fast.

coc Warp

When an object or actor falls out of bounds and into the void in the bethesda gamebryo engine it will respawn in a pre determined spot on the map called the “CoC” (Center on Cell).
This isn’t as much as a glitch as it is exploiting an engine failsafe mechanic.
This can be useful in speedruns to speed up backtracking, or to go somewhere you want on a map faster.

Reload Dashing

Reload Dashing is a Fallout: New Vegas glitch that allows you to slingshot yourself in a direction very fast.

To perform the glitch, get a weapon with a one-by-one bullet reload animation (.357 Magnum Revolver, Cowboy Repeater, Hunting Shotgun etc) and two different ammo types that fit the weapon. Then simply bring up the gun, move in a direction, swap ammo and bring up the pipboy, unequip the gun and bring the pipboy down again (Whilst still holding the movement key).

If you did it right you will have ridiculous speed for a second, and by binding your gun to a hotkey you can bring it up again and repeat the process for fast chaining.

The fastest way of doing dashes is actually to double tap the swap ammo key (2), press pipboy (F2 or TAB), then fire (LMB usually), Up on keyboard to select the right gun (357 Revolver most likely) ENTER on keyboard then TAB to bring the pipboy down.

2-2-F2-UP-ENTER-TAB zoom 1 Repeat

To save yourself from fall damage in case you get launched up into the sky simply press quicksave and quickload. Although the glitch works on consoles saving yourself from fall damage will be difficult and cumbersome due to no quicksaves.

Getting launched into the sky can also make you end up standing in mid air if you stop holding a direction when start going up. You will continue to stand in mid air until you either move or save/load. This is the only method of dashing in the air, since the glitch depends on the walking animation for it to work.

Dashing works because the one-by-one bullet animation weapons have a glitched animation, where it will force movement at the end of it. When you unequip your weapon during this glitched animation and hold W the game will add tons of extra speed for the duration of the glitchy forced movement.

Third Person Interaction

Third Person Interaction is an exploit or glitch in Fallout 3/New Vegas that allows your character to interact with objects through walls.
Simply go into third person, rub your face in the wall and twist the camera a bit if needed. When you see the prompt at the bottom of the screen, just use it!

Time Stop

This glitch stops time around you and lets you walk around in ‘pipboy mode’.
By mashing the “Place Marker” button whilst bringing up the map screen you can freeze everything around you and still walk around. To undo the glitch simply press on yes or no.

Don’t walk too far away though since the game still thinks you are in the pipboy, and will not load new chunks of the world until you deactivate the glitch (or crash if you walk far enough)

Item Duplication

(Not Really Used Much)
You can duplicate an item spawned in a container (spawned dead bodies also work) by depositing a stack of 6 or more other items with weight, then withdrawing them by pressing LMB and A almost at the same time.

The reason the item needs to have weight is because of the confirmation screen you need when withdrawing. If the item has no weight (such as ammo or meds) you will not get a confirmation screen.

The reason you can’t dupe items from your inventory is because those items have a Reference ID, whilst items spawned in containers does not. Read more about item ID’s here: [link]

This glitch works exactly the same in Fallout 3 as it does in New Vegas, and should also work on consoles (Only tried it with a controller)

If ur on Controller/Console

Block Boosting

Not useful for any PC runs, but it’s a neat glitch that I want to show.

A trick that only works with the gamepad control scheme (so xbox controller on pc/console only)
By blocking and jumping in a specific rhythm you can gain almost double the jump velocity.

Dam Rock Jump

Brief tutorial on how to do the dam rock jump (for glitchless/consoles) on a controller.

Same principles apply for a Keyboard+Mouse I guess.

Ammo Swapping

Ammo Swapping allows you to load the wrong kind of ammunition into weapons. This glitch only works in Fallout: New Vegas, both PC and Console. However you need a controller to actually perform the glitch on PC.

Stop Hopping

Alterntaive names: Bunny Hopping, Circle Jumping

The effect of this glitch is identical to Block Boosting, except it’s easier to perform and it’s keyboard/mouse only.

Inputs are flick mouse, jump, hold forward, release forward when landing, jump again and hold forward.

It’s an easy trick to learn, but requires some practice to be able to chain it reliably.

Infinite Dashing

Infinite Dashing uses the same glitched animation that Reload Dashing does, but in a different way. Infinite Dashing is as the name implies, infinite. As long as you keep holding forward with this glitched animation you will keep the speed.

What makes the glitch troublesome is that it drops if you change the animation. Changing the animation includes stopping movement, falling, swapping weapons and several other things.

You can however chain quicksaves and quickloads in order to keep the speed in the air, and thus fly across the wasteland.

You perform the glitch easiest by having Grenade Launcher and .357 Revolver bound, shooting the grenade straight up into the air, swap to the revolver and perform a reload cancel as fast as you can and then pull up the pipboy.
Whilst swapping to the revolver you also want to start moving forward too.
When putting down the pipboy (Don’t click anything in here) you want to time a QSQL so that it happens when the grenade explodes.

(Shoot Nade, Swap to Revolver, 2 2 LMB F2 Hold W, TAB QSQ)

If you do it right, you will gain tremendous speed and probably crash the game due to going too fast.

The standard 5 Agility is barely enough time to do the reload animations in time before the grenade hits the ground, and the more Agility you have the bigger window you have to perform the inputs.

If you for some reason can’t move or have glitchy movement, try jumping and tapping W for a bit. If it still doesn’t come back then you have to redo the glitch.

As this glitch includes breaking legs and QSQLing, the infamous “breakable” version is back, but in a minor form. You want to have your legs actually crippled for a guaranteed “unbreakable” speed.

Glitchless Guide

(Since this guide is really just a bunch of routes and tips im gonna put it all right here cause this guide is getting long)
Speedrun Video if you want 🙂 Before you start:
>Make sure your game is capped at 60fps
>If you type Fallout: New Vegas into the livesplit game finder there will be a load remover there. times for this game are without load times so I recommend using it to time your run.
>You can have DLC on during the run but i recommend turning it all off as it’s faster and you don’t really need it (except the mercenary pack, which can be found in the resources section if you do not own it)
>¤note¤ these notes are very general and i recommend watching runs to properly learn and understand the notes and route. They also require prior knowledge of the game to understand.

>Strat: jumping at all times is slightly faster, but it can be a bit overwhelming. Do it especially while going up or down slopes.

>Start Game
>Mash enter through DLC popup and name.
>Mash through character creation as quick as possible.
>Go to vigour testing machine to set off the docs dialogue
>Pick up the 3 stimpacks and doctors bag around the room.
>Set to:
· 2 strength
· 4 perception
· 9 endurance
· 10 charisma
>Push doc Mitchell to his chair after he finishes his second voiceline
>Answer all the questions with the top answer
>Take the good nature trait
>Talk to doc again to get all of your stuff
>Exit the house, press Tab.
>hot key your stimpacks and doc bags
>quick travel to goodsprings
>walk to the right as you spawn, jump over rock
>head towards hidden valley
>Find hidden valley and quicktravel there
>Turn NE and walk through the fence up the hill
>Keep following that rough direction and path. Go through the centaurs, jump on the rock to the left and over the fence.
>Once the barrel drops. Take out your fists and start punching, walk around >the rock until past the grass patch and continue on.
>Quicktravel to black mountain
>Do a 180 and head towards the left side of all the buildings (towards camp mccarren) don’t jump too far or you’ll cripple yourself.
>Enter camp mccarren
>Take the train to the strip
>Walk outside and tell victor you’ll meet him at the lucky 38
>Walk to the ultra luxe. Talk to Mortimer. And then leave.
>Walk into the tops. Walk half way in. Trigger the quest. Then turn back and >talk to swank.
>Go to the 3rd option and use speech options, then top options
·Level up #1: put survival to 45 and the rest to speech.
·Level up #2: all points to speech
·Level up #3: all points to speech, travel light perk
>Shoot Benny with the grenade launcher, try to kill his bodyguards too (this optimally takes 2 shots)
>Go to the elevator (2nd on right). Take it and go to bennys bedroom
>Go and talk to yes man
>Pick the top option 7 times. Then 2nd, then top. Then goodbye.
>Loot Benny’s corpse on the way out
·Level up: all points to speech
>Exit the casino
>Avoid vulpes
>Go to the lucky 38
>Go to the penthouse, go through the computer and get to house
>Unlock house from his cage. Use grenade launcher to kill him
>Leave the casino
>Walk through new vegas (heading NE) until you’re outside
>Walk NNE until you get to the boomers bombs.
>Run straight ahead, heal if crippled
>Run to the boomers gate. Go through the dialogue and meet pearl
>Pick first option. Then 2nd option
>Leave the house
>Quicktravel to hidden valley
>HEAD NW to get to the bunker
>Go into the bunker
>Run up to the opening door and pickpocket the hidden valley bunker key from the guard who runs though the door
>Run and unlock the door
>Shoot the brotherhood guard then run like hell
>Leave hidden valley and travel to goodsprings
>Go N and start walking
>Go to the road leaving to the cazadores (stop signs nearby)
>Walk straight up the left hand wall
>Get to the top of that hill
>Jump halfway down the hill and head NW. Hug the right hand wall
>After a short distance, on the right hand wall there will be a gap. Go through that gap and head NNE
>Head for the fence at the ranch, discover it, move back a bit and fast travel to it.
>Walk towards the red rocks
>Discover red rock canyon and enter one of the red boxes below to trigger yes man’s quest.Pull out fists
(credit to Kungkobra for the picture)
>Fast travel back to the strip and punch to avoid old ben
>Go into Gomorrah
>When prompted to weapons. Say nevermind and leave. (take a circle around to avoid the weapon dealer)
>Talk to yes man (outside casino)
>Pick all the options for meeting the familys (2nd option)
>Pick the top option for the last one
>Go to the lucky 38
>Cutscene with yes man into the computer will initiate
>The weapons demonstration will now initiate
>Wait until yes man says “new vegas finally has soldiers worthy of protecting it” and then go into 3rd person and use the elevator to go to the casino floor.
>Turn around and go to the penthouse in the elevator
>Talk to yes man again. Skip lines and talk to him again.
>Pick the 3rd dialogue option, then the 1st one.
>Leave the lucky 38
>Quick travel to black mountain
>Head directly East and then ESE
>Find the el-dorado substation
>Enter it. Place the override chip on the computer on the right, pull out fists, then leave
>Quicktravel back to the strip and punch to avoid old ben
>Level up: add all to anything you can get to quickly, as long as you have 100 its ok.
>Go back to the lucky 38 and yes man
>Pick the 1st option then 2nd option.
>”Lets do this”
>Run all the way through the battle until you get to the unavoidable gate
>Jump off the bridge into the water on your left
>Swim your way to the land mass
>Go to the far top right. There should be a rock there.
>This jump is very tricky. It is best to watch a video of a run to learn it. (Picture below)
(picture link. credit to Rydou for the picture.)
>Walk SE to the legion gate
>Enter the gate
>Run through to the final boss guy
>pick the options: 2nd, 1st, 1st, 1st, 2nd, 1st, 1st, 1st, 2nd
>run all the way back to the closed gate
>Level up: doesn’t matter
>Final cutscene starts
>General lee: 1st, 2nd, 1st, 1st, 2nd, 1st, 3rd,
>Run up to yes man and talk to him
>Split when the loading screen starts