Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Perk.Exp.Ammo Farming Guide for Fallout: New Vegas

Perk.Exp.Ammo Farming Guide


This guide will focus on gaining tons of perk points exp and gears (ammo etc.) without any kills or missions. Let’s just cut the corner and get started.

What we need to do first…?

At the very beginning of game you will set up your character and go down on the Good Springs where you will meet Sunny Smiles on the salon, who offers first the tutorial mission to you. Have this mission completed and you will be ready to head out farming.

That’s important!

With the first mission done, you get back to the Bar where you will see Joe Cobb, one of the Powder Gangers who is quarreling with the NPC and then he will leave the salon. Follow him and talk to him. NOTICE<Do in this way will not make you look like a good guy to this town you bastard. Save your game if you want to play it in another later on.>

After talking to Joe Cobb, you will receive this mission called Run Goodsprings Run which requires the death of Ringo.

When Ringo’s dead, talk to Job Cobb again and he will provide an optional mission, take it but DO NOT DO IT AT THIS TIME. The mission calls you to imperil Chet. With this mission at hand you can go kill all the Powder ganger Memebers as well as Joe Cobb. Yes that’s exactly what I meant, Kill them all by all means. No mercy, no humanity.

We could have it all, rolling in the Deep!

Talk to Chet in his store.
Remember go with the second dialogueand then you will see you can do this over and over again.
(Speech/Trade 25 is necessary)

Here are some tips

1. Learn the ‘Swift Leaner‘ to get more exp and skill points.
2. There is a case outside the door where you can store the gears you receive from Chet.
3. You will obtain 28 perks which easily boost your character especially in the early game play, nearly unlimited 9 mm ammunition can save your costs in purchasing the ammo.


1. You will not be able to complete some specific missions after doing this,
2. Less fun in leveling up, no way to be the idol.
3. More potential issues and some perks can’t be remained.