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Pet Guide to Castle Crashers for Castle Crashers

Pet Guide to Castle Crashers


Hey guys, I am here to show you how to get all pets in Castle Crashers! This is my first guide, so I hope you enjoy!

Offense Pets

These pets are either boosting your Attack/Defense stats, or aid you in battle.

1. The Bi-Polar Bear
The Bi-Polar Bear, will maul any enemies (even friends in arena/princess battle or yourself) that have less than 11 HP.

Found in Snow World. Before the entrance to the Ice Castle, use your horn, and he will come out.

2. Bitey Bat
Bitey Bat will occasionally go to an enemy, and bite them, stunning them for a while, and dealing a tiny amount of damage.

Found in Pipistrello’s Cave. Defeat the boss, Pipistrello, and he will turn into Bitey Bat.

3. Burly Bear
Burly Bear will simply increase your Strength stat by +2, like Snoot. In Castle Crashers Remastered, he now gives +3 Strength and +1 Defense.

Found in Tall Grass Fields. After the 2 arrow machines, there will be a giant rock blocking a cave. Use a sandwich to get rid of it. Go in, and you will find some chests. Other than that, there is a crack in the wall. Use some bombs to crack open the wall, and Burly Bear is in there.

4. Chicken
The Chicken boosts your Strength, Defense, and Agility by +1. ‘Nuff said.

The Chicken is found in Medusa’s Lair. After the first segment, look for 2 cattails. A hard to see X should be dug up. Chicken is then found.

5. Dragonhead
Dragonhead can shoot fireballs at enemies occasionally.

PC/PS3: Bought in the Insane Store for 5500 gold.
XBLA: Comes with the Necromantic Pack, can be bought for 160 Microsoft Points.

6. Hawkster
Hawkster attacks fallen enemies, for small damage, and retrieves food from dead enemies.

Found in Tall Grass Fields. The 2nd bear hut, fight the enemy bears, then use the horn in front of the hut. DO NOT USE HORN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BATTLE! There is known to be a glitch where if the horn is used in the middle of the battle, Hawkster will not come out.

7. Install Ball
Install Ball will occasionally shoot a laser from it’s eye.

Found in the Alien Ship. After the beefy alien wrecks the ship, keep hugging the upper wall, after the laser wall. There is a hard-to-see doorway, and Install Ball will be inside.

8. Pelter
Pelter will occasionally shoot ice at enemies.

PC/PS3: Bought in the Insane Store for 5500 gold.
XBLA: Comes with the King DLC Pack, bought for 160 Microsoft Points.

9. Rammy
Rammy will occasionally ram into enemies (and friends in Arena), knocking them down.

Found in Tall Grass Fields. Defeat the Bear Boss with the banner. He will drop the pet Rammy.

10.Scratchpaw (couldn’t find better pic, soz!)
Scratchpaw increases your Strength by +1, and Agility by +2. As of the Castle Crashers Remastered update, Scratchpaw now gives +2 Strength and +2 Agility.

Found in the Sand Castle Interior. At the beginning, there is a crack in the wall. Blow it up with bombs to get Scratchpaw outside.

11. Snoot
Increases your Strength by +2, like Burly Bear. In Castle Crashers Remastered, Snoot has been buffed to +4 Strength.

Found in Cyclops’ Fortress. After the painting of the Cyclops, there is a crack. Blow it open with bombs and there is your Snoot.

12. Spiny
Increases your Defense by +2. Not much to say here. In Castle Crashers Remastered, his defense boost was increased to +4.

Found in the Volcano Store. Buy it for 680 gold.

Defense Pets

These pets increase your Agility, or Magic.

13. Snailburt
Snailburt increases your Defence by +5, but will decrease your Agility by -5.

Found in the Marsh. Before the beefy Civilian, the Snailburt rests outside of a house. Very hard to miss.

14. Beholder
The Beholder increases your Magic by +2. In Castle Crashers Remastered, it now increases the Magic stat by +4.

Found in the Animal Ark. First, you will need to find the Cardinal, then bring him to the Full Moon stage. Go to one of the huts, and the Cardinal will bring out a Golden Key sword. Equip it, and attack the locked door in the back of the Ark. Inside this dark room is your Beholder.

15. Meowburt
Meowburt increases your agility by a huge +3. In Castle Crashers Remastered, agility is increased to +4.

Found in Parade-Cyclops’ Cave. After you get knocked off the car, go into the cave, then go outside. Waiting outside is Meowburt! (meow~)

Support Pets

These pets do not boost stats, but help you in an other way.

16. Cardinal
The Cardinal is very essential for getting a pet and certain weapons.

Found in the Industrial Castle. Defeat the beefy Brute holding the Cardinal to get your Cardinal.

17. Frogglet
The Frogglet picks up items like gold, food, and others with his tongue.

Found in the Marsh. Look for an X near the graveyards before the 8 skeletons battle. Pazzo reccomended.

18. Golden Whale
Drops cubed gold over time worth one gold each.

Buy Battleblock Theater on the Xbox Arcade or Steam, then earn an achievement to unlock Hatty Hattington along with the Golden Whale.

19. Monkeyface
Monkeyface increases your chance of finding items.

Found in the Church Store. Purchase him for 750 gold.

20. Mr. Buddy
Mr. Buddy helps you dig faster. (Dig the spot, then Mr. Buddy will dig into the ground and you will not need to mash B.)

Found in the Home Castle. In the barracks, the very first room of your adventure, go to the very left. In the hay lies an X. Dig it to find Mr. Buddy.

21. Owlet
Owlet helps you find fruit hidden in trees.

Found in Forest Entrance. Before entering the Thieves’ Forest, there is some musical notes. Go next to the source, and Owlet is found.

22. Pazzo
Pazzo helps you find buried items. When you go near an X, Pazzo will hover over the area of the X and dig there. Also, there is an area where there is no X that Pazzo can find.

Found in the Snow Store. Purchased for 750 gold.

23. Piggy
Piggy boosts how much HP you restore when you pick up food.

Found in the Swamp Village Store. Bought for 585 gold.

24. Seahorse
Seahorse allows you to move as fast as you move on land in water.

Found in the Thieves’ Forest. Hovering above a river. Very hard to miss.

25. Sherbert
The only pet availible in the demo version. Sherbert allows you to jump higher.

Found in the Animal Ark. Reach him using a Magic Jump, or the XXXY air combo on the locked door to go higher.

26. Troll
The Troll slowly regenerates 1% of your HP.

Found in the Thieves’ Forest. Near the end, after fighting 4 trolls, there is a troll floating behind a wall, and a crack. Use bombs to blow open the wall.

27. Yeti
The Yeti protects you from attacks that freeze you.

Found in Snow World. Right before you enter the Ice Castle, there will be a town on the right. Go behind the first hut to the right, and you will find Yeti.

28. Zebra
The Zebra helps you find food in grass more often.

Found in the Desert. When the cutscene plays for the Saracen on the camel with the Zebra pet, then quickly rush to him. Avoid quicksand, as it slows you down. If he enters the Sand Castle, then you will not be able to get the Zebra pet. Kill him before he enters the Sand Castle.

29. Giraffey
will add picture later, lazy right now ­čśŤ
Giraffey makes your XP gain go up by 10%. (10 XP = +1 XP, 100 XP = +10 XP, ect.)

Found in the Desert. Pazzo recommended because there is multiple Xs in the desert areas. Dig in one of these spots to find Giraffey. If you hit the Alien Ship segment, you have gone too far.