Muck Guide

Pro Gamer Guide to muck for Muck

Pro Gamer Guide to muck


full(kinda) guide to muck

How to get best armor and tools

Get a rock on the ground (use e to pick it up)
press tab to open your inventory, and put the rock into the first toolbar spot
break a tree with it
break more trees
press tab, and craft a work bench
make bark with wood, and make a wooden pickaxe and axe
mine iron (looks like black rock)
make furnace with 15 rock
smelt iron with either coal or wood
mine birch with wood axe
make bark
make an anvil with iron and wood
make a iron pickaxe
make other iron tools
maybe make iron armor
find mythril, which looks blue
mine the mythril
smelt mythril
break fir with iron axe
make bark
make mythril tools/armor
find adamantite
break adamantite with mythril pickaxe
smelt adamantite
make bark
break oak with mythril axe
make adamantite tools/armor
After this, you are kinda done with tools/armor

How to get strong

Do this after you get tools and armor

there are lootboxes in the game, which cost gold coins.
These are the multiple tiers

  • broken chests that give you free items
  • iron chests that cost 25 gold coins
  • diamond chests that cost 100 gold coins
  • gold chests that cost 250(or 225, i forgot) gold coins

there are two ways to make money:
mine gold, and turn them into gold coins with the anvil
kill enemies

both are good

these lootboxes give you items that give you permanent buff. higher tier chests give better items.

How to play with friends

click host lobby
copy lobby id from bottom right corner
give it to your friend
they put the code into join lobby, and click join lobby
then start