Muck Guide

Pusheen_'s guide to the best power-ups for Muck

Pusheen_’s guide to the best power-ups


the best powerups

the top 3 best

the best one is the sniper scope, it is the sole reason why one shotting gamer difficulty big chunk is possible

the second best is broccoli, health regen is super good

third best is checkered shirt, it boosts resource gathering way more than it should

pretty good/decent

frog makes skybasing much easier while also being invaluable when combined with the wings
knuts hammer is cool looking, feeling, and is very good
wings are super good against bosses especially when combined with frog and jetpack
dracula teeth were so good it got nerfed and its still good
peanut butter lets you run more which is important when you are under a time crunch before a boss comes
juice when combined with a couple horseshoes is simply broken
lifesteal is insignificant in the late game, but if you get one early, you are safe to take on a lot more than if you didnt get a powerup at all
shoe lets you zoom fast
bulldozer is really good at crowd control
orange juice is also really good against bosses and strong enemies
(idk what piggy bank does but in my experience it really helped with something)


milk is in the middle in terms of muck powerups, but its really good irl, you should drink a couple gallons a day
robin hood is very nice when paired with a good bow and decent arrows
bean looking thing reduces hunger by a lot so its good
unless you’re a noob, adrenaline will rarely activate
beserk is the worst yellow rarity, i never noticed much of a difference while playing, even at low health.
red/blue pills are very insignificant in late game due to lifesteal and gaining health by teeth
jetpack is insignificant unless your strategy depends on it

the worst in the game

dumbell is kinda pointless, i never notice it, and if you want damage, go for sniper scope, horseshoe, or wings instead.