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Rare Drops for Muck

Rare Drops


A guide on rare drops


Rare drops are rare items that can drop from enemies when killed.
When one is dropped by an enemy the item will be highlighted in red instead of the usual white and it announces in chat “Player” recieved rare drop:”rare drop”.
As of writing this I haven’t seen any guide mention any of these items (meaning a few have missed an ore tier)

also as of now I’ve only found a couple items but if more are found I’ll extend this.

Rare Drops and Uses

Big Chunk

Big Chunk has by far the most common “Rare Drops” being Chunkium Ore and the Hammer Shaft.

Chunkium Orei s obtained through Big Chunk in stacks of between 20-40 and can be used as an alternative to Adamantite Armor and Sword. After obtaining you need to go to a furnace and smelt the ore into bars which then gives you access to crafting recipies in the anvil for Chunkium Armor (5 bars for helmet and boots, 15 bars for chestpeice and leggings) and Chunkium Hammer (I kinda died and can’t remember the exact name so Chunkium Hammer might be incorrect) (15 bars and 1 Hammer Shaft).

Hammer Shaft is also obtained through Big Chunk and seems to be rarer than the ore but usually comes in a stack of 2. Its only purpose is crafting the Hammer.
description : wild guess but I think it crafts a hammer

The hammer sprite

Proof of these drops (once you get past day 10 Big Chunk’s can spawn like an actual enemy meaning you can get a lot spawning)

Note : Chunkium is as strong as Adamantite, Both armor sets have the same armor value and the hammer does the same ammount of damage as an adamantium sword.

That flying enemy that I can’t remember the name of

That flying enemy that I can’t remember the name (that first spawns on day 6 or from those battle post things) of also has a rare drop of “enemy name” claws. They are much rarer than both drops from Big Chunk but come in a stack of 2. I think the description was razor sharp
I haven’t figured out what they do yet (and no they don’t give any additional damage I tested this)

That’s all I’ve found currently but if more info is found (whether by me or someone else) I’ll try to update this