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Really Good Seeds DISCONTINUED for Muck

Really Good Seeds DISCONTINUED


DM me on discord for your seed to be up here to! Bamboorods#0001 CAPITAL B


==Before you use any of these seeds some seeds might not work with the new muck updates== You can change versions to play with the older seeds, It is hard but there is a way to do it. I forget how to change versions but I’m sure you can find out how on the internet.
I have labeled what versions I found the seeds in. Finding seeds are hard so I will accept any seeds that you will find. I’m all open in ears I look at this guide at least daily. Anyways have a good day.
==Before you give me seeds make sure you tell me what version they work on!==
Because if you don’t I will feel sad because I can put your seed up here!

Seeds Update 2

If you want good seeds then just follow this guide. PLS FAVORITE AND LIKE (thanks)

treesarepog – Spawn by a 2 good huts with okay loot, and spawn by lots of free and cheap chests. (For Beginners)
yhwsiht – A very hard start to spawn (Recommenced For Skilled Players)
thiswhy – Spawn by a good hut with good loot. (For Beginners)
susshroom – Spawn by 3 huts and 2 carts. (For People That Suck)
pinktree – Spawn by a hut with basic building items and a axe. (For Normal Players)
goodlootgoodstart – Be tortured by a shack you can’t get into. (Don’t Use This Seed) BTW you can access the chests through the walls
oursponserfortodaysvideo – Spawn by a bunch of battle stones and a bad cart. (Play with friends)
F10 – Spawn by 5 carts with Good loot and a hut nearby with materials. (For Normal Players)
poopoo – GREATEST SEED EVER. (For People That Want To Beat The Game)
boil – Its simple enough. (For Normal Players)
1327951694 – Look in the map on the top left its a cross. (Yse)
2049550020 – Bunch of shacks with great loot. (For Beginners)
bamboorods – Spawn by a shack and a cart with a crap ton of cows. (Play with friends)
4936291 – Spawn close to a bad shack and 3 or 2 chunky bios. (For Skilled Players)
minecraft – Spawn right next a shack with good loot. (For Beginners)
:Sad_Face: – Bad start. (For VERY Skilled Players)
google – a shack with a hat. (Just For Fun)
-463418679 Speedrun legendary chest. (Go To
ThankYou – Just random words idk what it is.
sh#tsaladsandwich – Spawn by a hut with 2 pickaxes nearby. (Play with friends)
Replace # with i

Seeds Update 3

update3 – Spawn near all the necessary resources to start the game (For Beginners)
BigSpeakers – Spawn by 2 huts and a cart with okay loot (For Normal Players)
Delinquent – Spawn close to 2 carts and a hut with 20-45 coins in it for a good start (For Beginners)
100MillionOrbeez – Spawn by 2 huts one is far one is close and a cave. (For Normal Players)
FunnyDangerously – Spawn close to a cart with a cave with rubys (for Normal Players)
1234567890 – A good seed for a good start (For Beginners)
stinky – Spawn by a cave with pog loot (For Normal Players)
sussy – Spawn by 4 free chests with gronk and big chunk boss stones (For Normal Players)
-1038521939 – Spawn by a cave with a hammer shaft (For Beginners)
221294511 – Spawn by a nightblade inside a cave (For Beginners)
1465506453 – Multiple of huts nearby (Play With friends)
Anti4x – SPEEDRUN GETTING BOAT! (For Gamers lel)
0.20Rounds – Spawn by a cart with good loot (For Beginners)
564854521 – Spawn by highground to build a base on (Play With Friends)
ncja – Spawn by a cave with decent loot 20 – 50 coins. (For Normal Players)
Seed – Nice ores around spawn and by a cave. (For Normal Players)
1714618164 – A hut near spawn with good loot. (Play With Friends)
-317182625 – Spawn on the shipreck. (For Normal Players)
Garfield naked – Spawn by 2 carts and you can see the shipreck in the distance (For Normal Players)


[link] (for speedrun seed) 2 update version
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