Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction™ Guide

Recommended To Play Multiplayer. for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

Recommended To Play Multiplayer.


This is recommended to play multiplayer with the matchmaking without problems.


This guide is old and outdated cause there no need to open ports anymore, maybe the multiplayer on this game is not even longer supported by ubisoft.

But the guide gonna stay up no matter the cause i made it long time ago and reading this guide reminds me some good old memories. This game was in my life on a few important moments and thats the reason of keeping it. Cheers and salutations.


To Play Multiplayer:

Hi everybody. I bought this game when comes out few years a go. And this game have some multiplayer problems from the beggining. One of the most disgusting thing is: YOU NEED OPEN PORTS to play properly to multiplayer.

Second, Bad multiplayer optimization. The game always try syncronize the players. And a bit of lag can be fatal. So try always play with people of your country or continent otherwise: GOOD LUCK because the game goes slowly like slowmotion or laged, or can be played.

Okey. How to open ports? Simple. You need to know the name and model of your router / modem. Go to this Website, select your Trademark/Developer, Select Model, and follow the instructions. Nice and easy.

This is the website:


Okey. The ports you need open are those:

9103, 9100, 10196 (UDP outbound/inbound)
22350 – 22380 (TCP inbound)
80, 3081, 3105 (TCP Inbound & Outbound).

When you open the ports. You can play more often. Because you can host a server. If you not open the ports you only can join server via Matchmaking okey? But you only can be the Client. In other words: KESTREL.

Who plays likes Archer alwyas are the HOST. Sometime without open ports, you can host and you can be ARCHER. But its very rare to see.

Okey people. This is the Main Reason because you stay hours searching a server in matchmaking without success. With the ports opened. The chances to join a server are increased. BUT ofcourse. You need people playing the game on multiplayer. [Obviosly]

And sry for my bad english.

Firewall & Wireless

This is important too. In some cases open ports not works too. Dont Forgot this:

1º – Add splinter cell to exception list of your firewall

2º – If you dont know how to add to exception list, Switch off the firewall when you go to play its a good and fast alternative.

3. You’re using a Wireless Network to play Splinter Cell Conviction and you don’t have a good solid/steady connection… your wireless connection may be sufficient to browse the web/email etc… but you need a good solid/steady connection to play Splinter Cell Conviction online multiplayer (or any other online multiplayer game for that matter) using a wireless connection… I believe this is the culprit in many connection problems/issues. Hope this helps.

Ofcourse dont forgot Switch on the firewall again when you finish.

Sry 4 my bad english.