Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 Guide

Repair table and parts regeneration for Car Mechanic Simulator 2015

Repair table and parts regeneration


Thanks to data i got from Red Dot Games team i was able to prepare this guide to help you figure which parts can be repaired and what repair level is required to do so.I also tried to make it easy to say which parts can be safely sold at low quality levels as they can’t be repaired on any skill level. Hope it helps you stay organized! Tidy workplace is a safe workplace! 🙂


As you probably already know – not every part can be repaired, just like in real life. Some parts after long exploatation simply need to be replaced and there is no need to keep them in inventory or use them in any other car as they’re probably useless when they reach quality below 40%.

Because the list is very long (as there is a lot of parts in this game after all) i made this simple graphical list to let you quickly decide if the part you’re looking at belongs to UNREPAIRABLE group. Hope it helps. Below that you can find the full list and “tl;dr” version at the end of each list.

REPAIR LEVEL – 0 (no skill points spent)

This is a group of parts that can be repaired from the beginning – you don’t need to spend any skill points on repair to restore them.


After you get to leveling up you mechanics skills, at some point you will probably want to spend less on new parts and make more money thanks to repairing parts delivered with the clients car.

First skill point will give you a boost (to 50%) chance of repairing an item once.
Remember that most parts need you to repair them multiple times, 2-3 is the usual deal if you want to get them to 100%, so leveling up this skill can be profitable as you simply break less).




Plain and simple – you can repair rims thanks to this skill.


Last but still usefull skill as body parts can take a big chunk of the order so it’s good to have a chance at repairing them.