Castle Crashers® Guide

Resetting character data for Castle Crashers

Resetting character data


If you have accidentally reset your save data, then this guide will help you to reset previous save data.


If you have accidentally erased your save data you can follow these steps to revert it to a previous state. This is not too hard to do and this guide will only cover the way to do it on the windows operating system.

step 1

Step 1 is locating your save data. To do this, go to your local disk, then program files (x86), then steam and then user data. In this folder there will be another folder wit a random number underneath. This is your user number.

Open this folder. You will now see a lot of folders with a lot of random numbers. These are your saved games, and every game has a different ID or number in this case. To be able to reset the save data, you’ll have to locate the folder with castle crashers saved data. This folder has the number 204360.

Open this folder, and you’ll see 3 items;
– local
– remote
– remotecache.vdf

Open the remote folder and you’ll see;
– cc_save.dat

This is your savefile

step 2

Step 2 is resetting your data to a previous save. To do this, you must right-click on the cc_save.dat file and then click reset to previous state. You’ll see a window pop up with the orevious saves of that particular file. click on the most recent one and then hit copy.

another window will pop up, and you’ll have to navigate back to the remote folder, so go to local disk, program files (x86), steam, userdata, the folder with your user number, 204360, remote and then hit copy.

Another window will pop up saying that the file already exists. Overwrite the file, and then start up castle crashers. Check your character stats, and, is done correctly, your characters are back to their original levels with their equipped weapons.