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Run new vegas on windows 10 smoothly without mods for Fallout: New Vegas

Run new vegas on windows 10 smoothly without mods


I know there are other guides for this on steam and reddit but they are buried under solutions that mostly point to out of date mods and have incomplete highly summarized instructions. It took me days to come to this solution after new vegas tick fix didnt help so im putting this here for others to find more easily:Forcing new vegas max frame rate to 64 with an external program fixes stuttering without mods on windows 10 for many. I used Rivatuner Statistics server which comes with Msi afterburner. Heres how I did it.1. Install Msi afterburner and rivatuner 2. start rivatuner click the “Add” button on the bottom left and select FalloutNV.exe .3. set the framerate limit to 64 on the right4. set application detection level to high on the right5. minimize and leave running while you play new vegasGood luck! hope this helps someone who is having issues with new vegas tick fix or just trying to get the game running.

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