Dishonored Guide

Safe codes for Dishonored

Safe codes


Safe codes in order of encountering them.The knife of dunwall and brigmore witches is Included.My own work plus community generated.If you don’t find the codes, it’s possible to go through the numbers 001-002-003—999 it opens automatically when the right number appears so you don’t need try open it each number.

Mission 1 Dishonored

In the Sewers 451

High Overseer Campbell

Dr. Galvani’s House 287

The Kennels 217

Backyard in Barracks 203

(Backyard safe without code)

House of Pleasure

The Art dealer safe ,138,656,679,696,879 (Random Code)

The Royal Physician

Pratchett’s House 473

Safe behind painting 294

(Safe in painting building without code)

Return to the Tower

Lord Regent’s Room 935

The Flooded District

(Optional codes 525,628)

Underwater safe 428

Old Dunwall Sewer 528

The Knife of Dunwall

A captin of industry

Shipping office 116,175,179,193,256,321,419,426,475,596,599,685,711,726,728,779,854,945,979,996
(Random Code)

Rothwild’s office 512

Brigmore Witches

The dead eels

(safe without code)

(safe without code)

Engine room 165,238,384,408,572,669,774,837,873,984 (Random Code)

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