Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Saving bottle caps and repairing items to 100% CND for Fallout: New Vegas

Saving bottle caps and repairing items to 100% CND


This guide teaches you to fix your items basically for free



First, you need an item with low cnd (this will be no problem), bottle caps to repair the item¹ and an NPC with repair at 100%² (I recommend Raul, if you don’t know your location, please click: [link]

¹ If you need extra caps, try to repair loot items and sell to vendortron
² If you are early in the game, try Samuel, found in 188 trading post, with 64% repair

Explain how it works

Unlike Skyrim, Fallout New Vegas has minimal penalties for stealing high value items (5% is in my opinion)


New Vegas

Making it happen

1 – Repair the item(s)

2 – After that, make your way to the backs and save your game when you see [HIDDEN]

3 – Try to steal the item, if you’re been caught, reload and try again

4 – If you hear the sound of bottle caps and the steal screen still be open, it worked!

One tip 🙂

Only sale items with cnd 100!!!!

For example, Super Sledgehammer, Minigun and Heavy Incinerator before and after repair