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Seeds list for Muck

Seeds list


A list of good seeds! DM me on steam or discord (Diamond#0666) with good seeds you find!

How to find a seed

If you randomly generated a really good seed and want to find it, do /seed in chat and it will copy the seed to your clipboard.


List of seeds:
All of these are caps-sensitive, so use the right captilization.
Credit to anyone who has found these.

poopoo – Has a good hut at spawn with lots of trees
sh*tsaladsandwich – (Repalce * with an ‘i’) Really good hut across a lake, lots of free chests, mythril in hut along with two steel pickaxes.
69420 – Good Chef’s hut, two good carts next to the hut.
6969420 – Two alright Jack huts.
-966034298 – Two great huts, one with coins, the other with minerals.
689132638 – Two huts, one is really good and kinda far, other is not so good. The good one has a mythril sword and other good materials.
daniisking – Two huts, early tools.
banana – One hut, steel pickaxe and boots.
-1198417523 – Every resource is very close and a free gold axe and free chests everywhere
oozingnips – Free mithrill axe gold bars iron bars iron chestplate iron helmet. Lots of battle towers and boss statues. All resources are very close free anvil workbench cauldron and furnace pretty close and free chests.
yomama – Many structures close to spawn
917845201 – A hut with a golden pickaxe and easily accessible ores