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self acievments for Muck

self acievments


[ps when I say “in a public server” I mean on a server with 3 or more people]Shout out to my bro fonziibeat the gamekill Bob the drogon on any difficulty baby timebeat the game on easygood job beat the game on normaltrue gamerbeat the game on gamerI killed the dinoskill 20 little green dinoszombie apocalypses kill 20 zombie cavemanpriestkill 20 fire dinosrock smasherkill 15 little rock mansholy water have 5 fire dinos on the same pond/lake/ocean or whatever you wanna call iticy tombkill 20 ice dinoselectric personalitykill 20 electric dinosdragon slayerkill 15 whyvernshunter kill 15 wolfslittle chunkiness kill 30 chunky monsterschunky chunkykill chunky big chunkchunky goblinkill chunky gronkspicy rockskill all five guardians titanium kill big chunk without taking damage well that was easy kill gronk without taking dmguggdefeat all five guardians without taking dmg bob the builder kill bob without taking dmgwave destroyerdefeat 10 battle monumentsgem collectorget all five gems and one rubyLTN would be proud survive 100 daysserial killerkill one personmurderer kill 5 people mass murdererkill 12 peoplea hole day goneplay the game for a total of 24 hoursstrong as steelget full iron armor tools and swordmoney money moneyget full gold armor tools and swordcover me in diamonds?get full Mitthrell armor tools and swordthe stuff of legendsget full adiantum armor tools and swordchunkyget full chunkeyum armorfast boiget full wolf-skin armor that was so 10 years agomake a ancient bowthe only daggerget a whyvern daggerObama?get 15 obamium onwardfix the shipso close die fighting bobchunk hammerget the chunky hammertrue swordget gronks swordnight hunterget the night bladeworst ways to diedrownrichhave 1000 or more coinsone punch manhave over 1000 max dmghealth manhave over 500 max hpcow killerkill 100 cowsvegetarianbeat the game without killing any cows or eating any meatcarnivoreeat only food made with meatballs of steel kill the big chunk boss with only steel pantsarchercraft a bowspeedrunnerbeat the game in under 5 nightsrobin-hoodkill someone or something from over 50 apples awaydarn dienooooooooooo!die with full adentium armormagic mushroomeat all four mushroomsdrug dealer have a full stack of any mushroomsisland timeset foot on an islandRarr in co stew and gohave a full stack of soup or whatever it is calledMeat cannoncraft a full stack of meat soupjourney apple seedhave a full stack of applesdeforestationcut down 100 treespacifistbeat the game without killing anything except for big chunk gronk the guardians and BOBcommunityin a public server make a community without warwar [third horseman]in a public server make war conquestin a public server find a base kill a residents and take over base with etleast one other personmarket placein a public server make a working market or storefamine [first horseman]in a public server steal someones food all of itpestilences [second horseman]in a public server be a pest to someone [take their food hit them at bad times and break their house]death [fourth horseman]in the same public server kill 25 peoplethe four horsemanin the same public server complete famine,pestilences,war and death rebirthin a public server die a re-spawncoin towerhave the most money in the servervoidhave a server with 5 or more people endpridebuild a giant base and boast about itgreedtake or steal someones moneygluttonyin a public server eat a lot of food from other people even after your hunger is fullwrathin a public server kill someone over the smallest thingslothin a public server do like nothing for your self and only use what other people have madelustjump on a cow and stay on for 30 secondsenvyin a public server if someone has something better than you in any way kill that person and make that thing worse than yoursMuckcomplete all achievements