Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Set custom FOV without using ~console for Fallout: New Vegas

Set custom FOV without using ~console


so Valve will stop labeling you a cheater!

Hey, Listen

The grand scheme of this guide is to allow a custom fov setting in your Fallout New Vegas game without accesing the console and voiding out achievments.
Yes, if you open the console in game you have lost any chance of obtaining achievments for that session. Quiting to desktop and starting the game fresh will activate them once more until you abuse[lol] the console again.
My personal settings are 90.0 for default and world fov, but my 1st person fov is 83. I think 90 is a little too much for the 1st person view but it’s up to you. Once you’re comfortable with editing the required files you’ll be able to toggle settings with ease. I recommend stashing a clean copy of the files you’ll be editing somewhere safe just in case you mess up.
So let’s begin…

The Steps

– The file you’ll be editing first is Fallout.ini, you can get to it by navigating through:
C: > Users > [you] > Documents > MyGames > FalloutNV

Once you have opened Fallout.ini ctrl+f, find “fov” and your first result should be:
fDefaultFOV=[default value] Change the value to 90.0

Find “fov” again, skip fPipboy1stPersonFOV and look at the setting below:
fDefault1stPersonFOV=[default value] Change the value to 83.0

To complete the editing for Fallout.ini you’ll need to add an extra line to the [Display] column:
add fDefaultWorldFOV=90.0 to the bottom of [Display] column, right below bEnableEyefinity

Save. Go to properties, check “Read-only”, and apply.

– For the final step you’ll need to navigate through your Steam directory to add the same line used above into your Fallout_default.ini file:
C: > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > Fallout

Open Fallout_default.ini, ctrl+f, find “bEnableEyefinity” and paste fDefaultWorldFOV=90.0 below.

Save. Go to properties, check “Read-only”, and apply.

As I stated before we got started, I gave my own personal fov settings and it is up to you to change the values if you prefer a higher or lower setting. Just pay close attention to what changes you make and you should be fine.

Enjoy and take some nice screenshots with your new view :3