Batman: Arkham City – Game of the Year Edition Guide

Side Missions in Batman: Arkham City for Batman: Arkham City GOTY

Side Missions in Batman: Arkham City


Guide for completing all side mission within Arkham City. Videos and descriptions to help you with anything you might have trouble with.

Side Missions

Alongside the main storyline, there are side missions in Arkham City. The story in these are not related directly to the main storyline. They don’t spoil the story so you can do the ones available without worrying about the story being spoiled.

These must be completed to get 100%. They need to be completed twice, once in story and again in New Game Plus. The Riddler challenges carry over so you don’t need to do all the riddles again. If you find a Trophy on one mode, it will be collected on both Story and New Game Plus. Riddler hostages will still need to be rescued again though.


The videos used are from this YouTube channel. The user uploads 100s of Batman videos for both Arkham City and Arkham Origins. The player is skilled and has a video guide for anything you need. Video are high quality and professionally made. I suggest you subscribe to their channel for quick access to their videos.

Their Channel

Example of their skills in Arkham City.

Acts of Violence

There are civilians located in Arkham City who are being assaulted by thugs. While exploring Arkham CIty, you will hear cries for help. Takedown the thug to help that civilian. Keep helping them until you have got 100%. The map will have a marker if there is currently someone being assaulted.


  • Glide low to help hear them.
  • Use detective mode to see them. (two people on their own, close together)
  • Check places on the map below.

AR Training

Reward: Grapnel Boost

Once you leave the church at the start of the game, this side mission will be available. While you head towards the Industrial District, the Batcomputer will tell you about this side mission. Complete the first 4 challenges to unlock the Grapnel Boost Upgrade. There will be 4 more challenges available which are a lot tougher.

Enigma Conundrum

After you first leave the Steel Mill, you will see Riddler has redecorated the church. Enter the church to begin the Riddler’s side mission. You will need to find trophies to learn the location of hostages and save them all. Catwoman trophies count towards the total 400 needed to complete the side mission. (You need all 400 as Batman for 100%, Catwoman challenges don’t count towards Perfect Knight – Day 2)

YouTube Video Times

0:03 – Medical Team Missing at the Church
3:35 – Riddler Hostage #1 (Riddler Challenges required: None)
7:45 – Riddler Hostage #2 (Riddler Challenges required: None)
11:34 – Riddler Hostage #3 (Riddler Challenges required: 80)
16:03 – Riddler Hostage #4 (Riddler Challenges required: 160 + Line Launcher)
21:06 – Riddler Hostage #5 (Riddler Challenges required: 240)
25:46 – Riddler Hostage #6 (Riddler Challenges required: 320)
31:41 – Riddler’s Hideout (Riddler Challenges required: 400)

Fragile Alliance

There will be a distress signal on the roof of a building in the Amusement Mile. Enter the building and speak to Bane. Titan containers will be marked on the map. Destroy all containers than go back to Bane. Fight off the Tiger guards to finish off the side mission.

Cold Call Killer

The phones in Arkham City will randomly ring. Answer the phone to start this side mission. Zsasz will speak to you and tell you he has hostages. If you don’t answer his phone fast enough, he will kill them. This only applies if you answer a phone. If you hear one but don’t want to answer, leave it.

When you answer a phone, Zsasz will tell you to find a ring phone. Batman will scan for ringing phones. Once he has scanned, check the map to find where it is. Get there in time and listen to his call. Repeat until his location is revealed.

Heart of Ice

After you have got back to the GCPD to visit Mr. Freeze, he will ask you to help him find his wife. She is in the docks. To get her, you will need to use the ice grenade given to you earlier to make a raft. Go in through the bottom and clear the room. Scan Freeze’s wife when you have cleared the room and tell Mr. Freeze where she is.

Hot & Cold

Reward: Freeze Cluster

When you go into the Steel Mill a second time, you will find Harley Quinn tied up. Ungag her and listen to what she says. She will tell you about something she stole from Freeze hidden in the basement. To get there, go to the area under Joker’s room. There is a door in the far corner which leads to the basement. Clear the basement then collect the gadget.

Identity Theft

There are three dead bodies within Arkham City. As Batman, you will need to find all three to help find out who has killed them. The Bodies appear at various different times during your playthrough.

Remote Hideaway

Reward: Disruptor: Mine Detonator

Around half way through the playthrough, Batman will receive a call from the undercover GCPD officers back at the museum. Go to the back. There will be thugs outside a door. Take them down then open the door. You will be given the Disruptor: Mine Detonator. It will detonate any planted mines. Useful in predator rooms and for Riddler puzzles.

Shot in the Dark

Deadshot is loose in Arkham City. He is killing people with information against Professor Strange. To start this side mission, speak to the person on the roof near the docks. Throughout the game you will hear a gun shot to alert you of someone being killed by Deadshot.

The Tea Party

After rescuing Viki Vale, you will receive a call from Alfred telling you they have a cure. Collect the cure to begin this side mission. You have to fight off thugs and attack the Mad Hatter when he appears. After a while, you will takedown the Mad Hatter to complete the side mission.

Watcher in the Wings

Throughout Arkham city is a mysterious person watching Batman. Speak to him in the Bowery, Park Row, Amusement Mile and Industrial District. After speaking, there will be a symbol you need to scan. Once you have all 4, they fit together to show where you need to go. When you have found the final location, visit him to finish the side mission.