Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Skyrim codeing for Fallout: New Vegas

Skyrim codeing


how to use the console in skyrim and how to add items

skyrim codeing to open console press (~)

hey guys!! its me agian and if your reading this your a dova lol anyway these are some codes that will help for fun or watever 😛 ok lets get started

/basic codes for the player/
PSB-gives you all shouts and spells(spells are also the game developers spells that you dont see on the ps3/xbox)
t.i.m-toggle imortal mode
unlock-unlocks doors,chest,and well anything thats locked/also works in fallout NV
lock-does wat you think it does
kill-when your in the console click on a(n) enemy and type kill and he dies(does not work on main npcs like alduin and stuff)
player.setscale <#>-set the player scale( i HiGHLY recomend againts dragons)
showracemenu-you can change you race after you leave helgen
coc Qasmoke-haha coc-takes you to a secret room in the game
coc-type this then a name of a town(exp whiterun)takes you there 🙂 (by the way it doesnt work for all places)

/NPC/just for fun

/ingots and stuff/
black soul gem(full)-2E505
lock pick-A
deadra heart-3AD5B
ebony ingot-5AD93
iron ingot-5ACE4
quick silver ingot-5ADA0
refined moonstone-5AD9F
steel ingot-5ACE5
silver ingot-5ACE3
dwarvan metal ingot-DB8A2
gold ingot-5AD9E
refined malachite-5ADA1
orcondrum ingot-5AD99
dragon scales-3ADA3
dragon bones-3ADA4
skeleton key-3A070
fire wood-6F993
fire salts-3AD5E
void salts-3AD60
vampire dust-3AD76
blacksmith elixer-39967
enchanters elixer-39DR2

ok so there is some stuff now how to use them

first to open the guid press this (~)
so when its open you type this(player.additem <item code> <#> amount)
and thats realy it for items

ok so for the NPCs its(player.placeatme <npc code> <#> amount) i recomend at least 5 over 5 is over welming or laggy for some

now the most cool one is this (player.advskill (the skill you want (EXP heavy armor) then <#> amount
this levels you up and upgrades this sertant skill

is theres anything you think i missed or sumthing message me