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slimey leveling for Castle Crashers

slimey leveling


When you are leveling quickley are you prepared do get down and slimey if not the compleatly disregard this guide if so, then continue on.

Basic Idea

So, as most of us know in castle crashers XP is generated by attacking enemies not killing them.
Idelistically if you could hit a whole bunch of 1s over and over you would be able to level up at extreem speeds.luckily for you I figured out a way to do just that with the help of rammy the animal orb. Fun fact this is the only leveling guide that dosnt sujest giraffey as an animal orb.

How does this work?

Well this is realy just a matter of following these steps:
1. Equip Rammy and a weapon that has no critical chance
2.Enter Pipistrello`s cave
3.Hit the slimes with your air spin make sure to hit every one. just drag Rammy over the slimes, every time he hits a slime for 1 you get one xp. the same thing to the next 6 slimes
6.kill the bat (optional)
7.rinse and repeat


Enjoy this leveling startagy and please rate up and favorite

Fun fact if done compleatly right you can get 750 xp

Note on insane you can get even more INSANE xp