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so, What is M U C K ? for Muck

so, What is M U C K ?


so what do you even do in this game and what is it?M u c k is a game made in Unity from our truly h i l a r i o u s drinking man named Dani, he is also the creator of KarlsonWhats KARLSON you may ask?Well its a game he is currently working on and you should really wishlist the game right now gamers-anyway back to the main pointMuck is a game that’s basically inspired by totally not popular blocky game named Minecraft and adds quite a few goodies in this gamefor those people who love to gamble their money for :pain: of getting crap items, chests require you to spend a certain amount of coins now, or gold, whatever they are lmaowhats more interesting is the enemies, the enemies vary like this, theres of course a cow, which isnt really a enemy but you can b u l l y t h e h e l l o u t o f i t like dani does to billy in Karlson, if you ask what KARLSON is, ITSAGAMEHEISWORKINGON-anywho, theres cow, some weird lookin goblins lmao, a big freaking rock man who throws rocks on you from ground and makes you cry in pain when you lose your items cause you cannot save at allah yes did i forget to mention about losing your items? if you quit, die, or crash, you lose your loot, its like risk of rain 2, or any rouge-like survival game, but painful as hell to deal with if you crash LOLif we think logically, the main thing you can do in this game is, wellmake a new character > start a server > grab a rock and beat trees > make a bench > grabs some more stuff > make more stuff out of more stuff > have to deal with G O B L I N M E N in the game every night, not to mention they are painful as fk to deal with at times as night progresses > make a home > try to get op loot from chest by gambling > beat the boss > kill people > repeatits basically this, but it doesnt repeat, chances are random stuff is gonna happen, this is what i encountered from my experience xdso yeah M U C K is a game made by the famous man himself Dani who break his sh** on a daily bases by accidently ruining his code with more code and overall being stupid with himself xdthanks for reading my, totally original guide that i just decided to write, have a good night or day!

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this was made for fun, have fun reading if you havent or spam in the comments whatever your mind wants here xd, watch his original video if you haven’t by the way

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