Castle Crashers® Guide

Spamming Tips for Castle Crashers

Spamming Tips


Can’t get out of ice fast? Can’t revive your teammate fast because of the enemies? Then this guide will show you how to spam easier than you think. OVER 95% OF PLAYERS DIDN’T KNOW!!!

1. Bat Attack / Beefy Fight / Sword Fight

When you have to defeat the attacker, it says you have to spam only Light attack. Well, you can attack 2x faster if you use Heavy attack, Jump and Item use too! The bat cannot chomp and the enemies will have no chance against you!

2. Digging

Not the most important thing, but it’s needy. If you’re in the Treasure (on Arena mode), you should spam with Jump, Heavy and Light attack, too. This way you’ll dig it 3x faster!

3. Getting up from the floor / Slime attack / Being frozen

If you’re playing on keyboard, you’re lucky! You can spam Left and Right so fast, that you can get out of trouble in less than 1 second!!! All you have to do is to hold Right and spam Left as fast as you can! (Sadly, It doesn’t work on controller.)

4. While falling down

All you have to do is spam Jump. You will get up faster! It will help you alot on Arena to get back to fight fast and confuse the enemy, or to protect yourself from the underground bugs in the Desert.

5. Reviving

The Most Important Thing! Most of people spam only Heavy attack to get their teammates back to battlefield. The secret here is: You can spam with Jump, Item use and Light attack too! If you spam all of them, it will make 5x faster than spamming only Heavy attack! It has more chance to get your teammate back with half HP!
Bug: I’m actually reviving my teammate with no HP

A fighting tip

Here’s a quick tip: Like I said at the 3rd Tip, you can hold Right and spam Left to get up faster. You can use it for the fight, too! Use this with Jump attack to clear a little area around you.

Thanks for reading!

I hope this guide helped you alot! Thanks for reading this guide! Remember, over 95% of players didn’t know these secrets! You will be one of the strongest and the best player if you use these things!

But Beware!

These secrets are the most effective if you don’t press all the keys at a time. Make sure that you spam with a *little* delay in each presses!