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Spawn In Caves Seeds?! for Muck

Spawn In Caves Seeds?!


A showcase of seeds where you spawn in, on, or around a cave. Requested by: Sailor Jediete 8,8 cm L/71

About The Process

Finding seeds in Muck is a challenge. Using some mods however we can help aid us in our efforts of searching through the vast universe of seeds.

Please consult this guide What Mucks Rarest Seed Looks Like?!?! regarding the rarest seed in Muck to find more information on the general process I use.

Unlike searching for ships, the game has no code that supports the searching of cave locations. So when spawning in to a world, there is no way to tell of the player is near, in, or ontop of a cave. So how does one go about telling if we are near one? The process is tricky but I’m simply checking all the ruby locations. A simple Vector.Distance() Can determine the distance from them to the player.

Seed’s Found!

Using some mods, I created a way to automatically generate a world, check if you are standing on, near, or inside a cave (Record seed if true), and repeat. Below is a list of ship seeds that were found from searching through 100,000 randomly generated seeds.

Seed: -902692071
Seed: -173798621
Seed: 338860731
Seed: -677888127
Seed: -315399696

Accepting Requests!

Please leave me a seed request in the comments or friend me to explain details!