Castle Crashers® Guide

Spending Your Skill Points for Castle Crashers

Spending Your Skill Points


This guide will explain what I think is the best way of spending your skill points, and the basics of each ability. Also added a little information on what combos you can unlock.


The first ability is Strength. When increased, your damage (only affects sword damage) will be increased. 1 skill point in strength = +1 damage. When your strength ability is full, you should be doing damage around 30. I recommend not increasing your strength at all until all other abilities are full. You may be able to run through most levels faster and kill enemies quickly, but the amount of XP you gain does not increase, therefore taking longer for you to level up.

Beginning damage: 4
+1SP: +1 damage


The second ability is magic. When you increase your magic ability, your splash attack damage will increase by 1, while your projectile magic (including the jump) will be increased by 2, and your “X, X, X, Y,” attack by 4. When the magic ability is full, your splash attack should do about 25 damage, and projectile will do about 56 damage. At the beginning of the game, you should only have the splash attack. When you increase your magic, you’ll learn a new magic ability whenever you get a skill point in the transparent blue bars. There are 4 magic abilities you can learn. I recommend filling this ability second, for it can end up doing a lot of damage, and can be very useful later in the game.

Beginning Damage: 1
+1SP: +1 splash, +2 projectile, +4 X, X, X, Y


The third ability is Defense. When you increase your defense ability, your max health will get higher, and you will flinch less when hit. When the defense ability is full, you should have 800-1000 max health, and your flinches will be quick, instead of just standing there with your eyes buldging out. I have noticed that when you increase your defense, fruit will give you +3 health than it previously did (only when increased with 1 skill point). Although, I have not checked how much more health chicken and burgers give you. Your defense does increase for every level you increase, but your increase in health is very small. I highly recommend increasing your defense ability first, for you survive a lot of hits that would kill you if you didn’t have any defense. Defense does not effect what you can block and can’t block with your shield.

Beginning Health: 100, increased or decreased depending on starting sword.
Increased health when leveling up: +3
Increased health when increasing defense: +28 = 1 SP


The forth and final ability is Agility. When you increase your agility ability, your normal running/sprinting speed is increased, your arrows do more damage (1 skill point = +1 damage), your arrows fly a further distance and move faster, and you can fire arrows more quickly. When your agility ability is full, your max speed will be very fast, and you’re able to shoot arrows very rapidly, arrows will have infinite range, and your arrows will do 27 damage. Arrow damage will not be increased unless if you use a sword or a pet that increases your agility when you have max agility. I recommend increasing your agility third, even knowing that you can run very fast and dodge a lot of attacks easily.

Beginning damage: 3
+1SP: +1 damage, increased firing speed, distance, moving speed.

Added Info + Combos

For every 10 levels you increase, your strength and magic abilities will be increased by 1, without having to spend a single skill point. Your defense as I said before, increases very slowly for every level you increase, and agility has no changes.

As you level up, you start to learn new combos. The first combo learned is earned at level 2. A, A. You jump up in the air and do a tornado-like attack. This attack is not very good for combat. The next combo is earned at level 4. Sprint, X or Y. For X, you point your sword out and pretty much barge through enemies, but you slow down until you’re not moving at all. For Y, you jump forward and you roll on the ground, this is the best attack for barging through enemies, it also does not slow you down, but you stop sprinting. Next combo is learned at level 8. X, Y. You do an uppercut, sending the victim into the air. This combo can be very helpful if you know how to use it correctly. Next combo is learned at level 16. X, X, Y. You headbutt your victim, which stuns them for a short period of time and they’re unable to move or attack. Next combo is earned at level 32. X, X, Y, Y. It colides with the headbutt combo, but you pull your sword back, and slash them with a heavy attack, knocking them down. The final combo is learned at level 50. X, X, X, Y, Y. This combo can be very deadly if you have the magic X, X, X, Y combo with it. This combo makes you charge forward, doing a drill motion, which can do a ton of damage to non-flinching bosses. It can be good for barging through a lot of normal enemies, too, it just won’t do the heavy-attack damage very rapidly.

This is when I think you should start increasing your strength ability, unless if you want to get XP more quickly. The unspent skill points will always be there.