Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Star Bottle Cap Locations Guide for Fallout: New Vegas

Star Bottle Cap Locations Guide


All the locations of the Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle caps. Locational information provided by and linked to the Fallout Wiki. I also hunted them all down myself and provided screenshots.

Locations (A – G)

188 trading post[fallout.fandom.com]

On the wooden bar counter, by the bottle and lantern, at the end of the blue shack bar.

Aerotech Office Park[fallout.fandom.com]

Aerotech suite 300: On the kitchen sideboard counter near the deviled eggs, in the far-end kitchen room (last door on the left).

Allied Technologies offices[fallout.fandom.com]

There are two on the cubicle desk with the other scattered caps, in the filing room with the cabinets, to the right of the entrance.

Bitter Springs recreation area[fallout.fandom.com]

In the office, on the sideboard with the bottles, there are two near the ham radio and coffee maker, below the Poseidon Energy poster, right of the dead tree.

Black Mountain[fallout.fandom.com]

Inside Tabitha’s storage building, on the bottom shelf, between the two bottle crates, just behind and left of the super mutant dummy.

Blue Paradise Vacation Rentals[fallout.fandom.com]

Among the floating bottles and caps near the open fridge, in the submerged middle rental bungalow.
2nd: On the counter south, with other caps, in the submerged north bungalow.

Bonnie Springs[fallout.fandom.com]

In open crates with empty bottles on the porch of the second building directly southeast from the campfire.

Boulder City[fallout.fandom.com]

Big Horn Saloon: On the large, round table with the chessboard on it, in front of you and left as you walk in.

Bradley’s shack[fallout.fandom.com]

Behind the sandbags, near the other scattered caps, by the ammunition box and mattress, under the wooden canopy.

Brewer’s beer bootlegging[fallout.fandom.com]

On top of the small bookcase with other caps and a key, just left of the door to the cellar.

Brooks tumbleweed ranch[fallout.fandom.com]

Adjacent to the gas cylinder, on the floor at the bottom of the shelving, in the ground floor corner storage room with the stove.

California Sunset Drive-in[fallout.fandom.com]

Next to the fourth bottle (looking left to right), on the slab of concrete, by the ruined north concrete hut, right of the trash can.

Callville Bay[fallout.fandom.com]

Captain Dean Boat Rentals: Far display case under packs of cigarettes near sunset bottles.
2nd: Captain Dean Boat Rentals: On the right counter behind the display case near the cash register and phone.

Camp Forlorn Hope[fallout.fandom.com]

Mess hall (south of stream): By the bottle on the table with the coffee pot, close to the metal shelves.

Camp Golf[fallout.fandom.com]

House Resort: (Upper) Right Corridor Bedroom #1, on the dresser opposite the one with the bottles and caps, first of three.
2nd: House Resort: (Upper) Right Corridor Bedroom #1, on the dresser with the bottles and caps, second of three.
3rd: House Resort: (Upper) Right Corridor Bedroom #1, on the dresser with the bottles and caps, third of three.

Camp McCarran[fallout.fandom.com]

In a small crate on one of the many metal shelves, close to a footlocker where Sergeant Contreras stands, in his supply shack. May also be bought from Contreras himself.

Camp Searchlight[fallout.fandom.com]

Fire Station, upper floor, on a dining table with two bottles, in the kitchen area.

Cap counterfeiting shack[fallout.fandom.com]

First of three: On the table nearest the vending machines, right next to the lantern, near the Nuka-Cola and Sarsaparilla Caps and bottles.
Second of three: On the table nearest the vending machines, right next to the lantern, near the Nuka-Cola and Sarsaparilla Caps and bottles.
Third of three: On the corner of the table nearest the vending machines, right next to the lantern, near the Nuka-Cola and Sarsaparilla Caps and Bottles.

Cerulean Robotics[fallout.fandom.com]

As you enter go through the door on the southeast wall of the reception area. On the dining table next to the bottle, close to three open fridges.

Cliffside prospector camp[fallout.fandom.com]

On the chessboard with the bottle on it, on top of the damaged wooden crate.

Cottonwood Cove[fallout.fandom.com]

Inside the ladies restrooms building, on the lowest metal shelf with a bottle.

Coyote Mines[fallout.fandom.com]

On the middle table, lower area right of the stairs, just inside the large miner’s shack.

Crimson Caravan Company[fallout.fandom.com]

Main Office: On top of the ham radio amplifier, on the corner desk.

El Dorado Gas & Service[fallout.fandom.com]

On the cash register counter

El Dorado substation[fallout.fandom.com]

On the trash can, next to the Eat’o’tronic 3000, left corner as you step inside.

El Rey Motel[fallout.fandom.com]

On the long bookcase next to the hat and fan, upper floor rental room (with fairy lights, and very easy locked door) above the eastern exterior steps.

Emergency service railyard[fallout.fandom.com]

On the mattress on the train platform, with other scattered caps. There are two here.

Fields’ shack[fallout.fandom.com]

In the doorless refrigerator next to some empty Sunset Sarsaparilla bottles.

Fisherman’s Pride shack[fallout.fandom.com]

With other scattered caps on the table with the toaster and Salisbury Steak, left of the fridge.

Gibson scrap yard[fallout.fandom.com]

Corner of the low metal shelf with the tires and vehicle rims, in the main garage.


On the game table with the chessboard and bottles, in the master bedroom, in the ranch house West of Goodsprings General Store.
2nd: Ranch house east of the schoolhouse: on the kitchen sideboard bar, near the two bottles and toaster, right next to an exit door.

Grub n’ Gulp rest stop[fallout.fandom.com]

On the plate, on the table adjacent to the shack.

Guardian Peak[fallout.fandom.com]

On the upturned crate, near the plate and empty whiskey bottle, by the radio, close to the cave mouth.

Gun Runners[fallout.fandom.com]

At the bottom of a small bottle crate on the floor by the metal table with the coffee machine on it, opposite the reception desk.

Gypsum train yard[fallout.fandom.com]

Inside the office building: a single cap on the corner desk with the burned-out terminal, back room with egg clutches.

Locations Pt. 2 (H – S)

Harper’s shack[fallout.fandom.com]

On the small table with the fan on it, near the small crate of bottles and a pressure cooker, across from the bunk bed, in the left room.

Next to the two other caps on one of the two makeshift bedding rolls, northwestern lean-to.

Horowitz farmstead[fallout.fandom.com]

On the left wooden crate, near the sack and two ammunition boxes, on the ground, inside the skeletal barn, middle building cluster.

Hostetler home[fallout.fandom.com]

Directly North West of Durable Dunn’s sacked caravan, inside the Hostetler House on the small table, between the two couches, with the bottle in the living room.

Hunter’s farm[fallout.fandom.com]

In the middle of the cluster of caps, on the kitchen work surface with the crates and bottles.
2nd: On the edge of the cluster of caps, on the kitchen work surface with the crates and bottles.


Northern exterior bungalow (adjacent to perimeter stakes): On the gaming table with the cards and empty whiskey bottles.

Jean Sky Diving[fallout.fandom.com]

Inside the shack, on the desk next to the ham Radio, by the bottle and burned-out terminal.

Junction 15 railway station[fallout.fandom.com]

On the corner of the green bench, left of the boarded-up door, on the platform.

Lone Wolf Radio[fallout.fandom.com]

With the other scattered caps, near the footlocker and mattress, inside the trailer.

Matthews Animal Husbandry Farm[fallout.fandom.com]

In the northwest barn, up the stairs, on top of a crate.

Mesquite Mountains camp site[fallout.fandom.com]

On top of the metal box, inside the northwest tent near the sleeping mattress.

Mesquite Mountains crater[fallout.fandom.com]

On the formica table next to the bottle, in the kitchen, inside Hell’s Motel.

Mesquite Mountains lean-to[fallout.fandom.com]

Inside the tipped wooden sunset crate, between the mattress and half-buried metal box.

Mojave Outpost barracks[fallout.fandom.com]

On the long section of the bar counter as you walk in, by a bottle.

Mountain Shadows campground[fallout.fandom.com]

On the red picnic table with the bottle and plates, next to the campfire.

NCR Correctional Facility[fallout.fandom.com]

Next to the bottle on the curved desk, in the visitor center.

NCR sharecropper farms[fallout.fandom.com]

Northeast barracks, by the fertilizer silos, on the desk with the bottle across from the bunk beds.

Nellis hangars[fallout.fandom.com]

First of two: In the mess hall hangar, on the easternmost table, with the other caps and a bottle.
Second of Two: In the Mess Hall Hangar, on the easternmost table, with the other caps and a bottle, next to the other bottle.

Nevada Highway Patrol station[fallout.fandom.com]

By the body near the green cot in the cell room with the mantis nymphs.

New Vegas Steel[fallout.fandom.com]

In front of the terminal on the desk located across from the vending machine, near a Patriot’s Cookbook Magazine, in the office next to the smelting chamber.

Nipton Road reststop[fallout.fandom.com]

On the cash register counter, with three other caps.


Ranch house south of the “Trading Post” General Store: On top of the ruined bookcase near the chessboard and bottle, in the master bedroom.

North Vegas Square[fallout.fandom.com]

The Gray second floor, third room on the right as you exit the stairs, on a table with bottle (stolen).


Daisy Whitman’s Dino Dee-lite Motel rental room, the top floor above the far steps: on the table with the noodles and broken TV. This needs to be stolen.
2nd: On the small round table in the corner of the galley kitchen, in the Novac house next to No-bark’s shack, northwest part of town.

Old nuclear test site[fallout.fandom.com]

Inside the shack, on the table with the science experiment and two bottles on it.


Bison Steve Hotel: On a side table next to a sofa straight to your left as you enter the large lobby room with the rug from the front door.

Primm house[fallout.fandom.com]

First building to the left from city’s south gate: On the short bookcase, in the living room. (Must be stolen)

Raided farmstead[fallout.fandom.com]

In the open fridge with the Cap and bottles, near the ammunition box, in the long trailer.

REPCONN headquarters[fallout.fandom.com]

2nd Floor: In a square-shaped room with four desks (almost in the middle of the local map), on the desk across from the one with the red keycard on it.
2nd: Ground Floor: On the desk with the inactive terminal, next to two bottles, in the Robot Recharge and Security Office.
3rd: Ground Floor: On the long cash register counter with the three bottles in the gift shop.
4th: Office top floor: Leonard Steeple’s Office: on the large wooden executive desk near two bottles and a terminal.
5th: Office top floor: Piers Isley’s Office: on the floor at the foot of the corner bookcase with the other scattered caps and bottles.

Scavenger platform[fallout.fandom.com]

On a metal shelf near another cap, adjacent to the overturned ammunition box, above the radio, in the northeastern most floating shack.

Scorpion gulch[fallout.fandom.com]

A wastelander fighting scorpions or dead already. Check his inventory and there will be a star bottle cap. See notes.

Searchlight North gold mine[fallout.fandom.com]

On the wooden crate, by the metal shelving, across from the mine cart, halfway down the right tunnel.

Silver Peak Mine[fallout.fandom.com]

Between two bottles on the table in front and right of the entrance, inside the mine shack.


On the round table with the lantern and bottle, near the vending machine, in Jas Wilkins’ mess hall.

Smith Mesa Prospector Camp[fallout.fandom.com]

On the concrete block, at the back of the rock alcove, behind the lean-to.

Sniper’s nest[fallout.fandom.com]

On the long plank of wood next to the mattress, next to the .308 ammunition box, inside the lean-to.

Snyder Prospector Camp[fallout.fandom.com]

On top of the two ruined books, next to the bedding and sandbags.

Locations Pt. 3 (S – W)

Southern Nevada Wind Farm[fallout.fandom.com]

In the maintenance shack, on the metal worktable with other caps, near the copy of Dean’s Electronics.

Near a submerged truck in the northwest part of Lake Mead, west of the scavenger platform. There are three caps at the back end of the truck. Warning! Don’t disturb the debris!

At the south end of the upstairs hallway in the office immediately preceding entrance to the prize vault, inside the wall safe directly above the large hole in the floor.

The Devil’s Gullet[fallout.fandom.com]

Bottom of the Gullet, in the small wooden crate with two bottles, next to the skull and rusty ammunition box.

The Prospector’s Den[fallout.fandom.com]

As you first enter the building inside the cave, turn right into the first door, then look right. The cap is sitting on top of a chessboard on the counter.

Vault 3[fallout.fandom.com]

On a desk next to a bottle of Sarsaparilla in a south room of the Living Quarters, one floor up from the flooded area. It’s across the hall from the terminal that says “Hello Billy boy!” when you open it.

Vault 19[fallout.fandom.com]

Living Quarters (not the first floor,) Blue Sector: Inside the second dorm on the desk with the terminal and chessboard.

Viper Gang ambush[fallout.fandom.com]

On the half-buried crate spilling out of the back of the container, east of Nipton.

Wrecked Highwayman[fallout.fandom.com]

Among the debris and footlocker, in the open trunk of the crashed car.


-I recommend the Explorer perk for easier navigation.

-You will have to get a key to the Fire Station in Camp Searchlight. Do the quest for Logan and you will eventually unlock the Fire Station. Logan is in the NCR storage area in the basement of the Searchlight west church (it’s the tallest building on the west side).

-In the Gypsum train yard quarry office there is a large possibility for the star bottle cap to disappear as it can be thrown around the room and with the possibility of becoming lost during the battle with residing ants in the confined space within. It may also clip through the desk, at which point it becomes impossible to retrieve. I found out the moment you start firing at the ants and killing them will cause it to clip through the desk then, so it’s a good idea to run in and grab it before killing the ants. Just load back to the autosave when you just entered the building until you can grab it without it clipping through.

Up to nine star caps can be found between Nipton and the Nipton Road pit stop, you will find Tomas and Jacklyn engaging in a gunfight with one another. Killing Jacklyn will enable looting two star bottle caps from her body, and then up to seven more from Tomas’ body. But the victor in the gunfight may loot the star caps off their fallen opponent, enabling the player character to gather all nine caps from the victor whether it be Jacklyn or Tomas.