Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 Guide

Starting Steps You Should Know for Car Mechanic Simulator 2015

Starting Steps You Should Know


For those (like me) who started the game and either didn’t get a tutorial at all, or found the tutorial didn’t show you how to get started. Here’s YOUR guide! Regards,TelcoKenaka Nebulous17=^D

A Bit About this Guide

Hi there!

This is the first guide I’ve attempted, and I’m only doing so as I had a frustrating first hour in figuring out how this game even starts! After looking at discussions and existing guides, I thought this may be helpful to others that are trying this game for the first time.

I did find Car Mechanic Simulatyor 2015 complete guide by K41D3N (with Tholtician’s collaboration) which does cover the start up, but I’ll still post this guide as it’s more granuler and focuses solely on getting started. Strangely K41D3N’s guide wasn’t in the initial (popular) list. I gave it a thumb’s up and favorited it, as it has great information.

I am just throwing this guide together rather quickly. So it is not finished, but I believe it’ll be helpful to some in it’s current condition. I will be adding more information and polishing the guide up within the next few days.

Please feel free to leave me any feedback in the comments.

Starting Up

When you first start the game you will be given a choice to create a Profile.
Do this.

When you create your profile, and choose start a New Game, if you want the tutorial, do not select either Expert Mode or Sandbox Mode (I initially thought you had to choose one or the other).

Start a new game with this profile and you will start in your garage. If you want, you can take some time and move around the garage to see what is there and find some items you can click to see more about.

The Tutorial should trigger (using Expert Mode will not launch the tutorial). and you’ll be told to answer the phone.

Answer the phone.

Find the phone at the desk (with all the manuals behind it). Click on the phone and you’ll be shown a new job. You can accept the job or decline it.

Accept the Job.

Once you accept the job, the vehicle that needs work will be placed in the center of the garage.

Diagnosing the Car

I *think* the initial jobs are dumbed down where they show you the part that needs replaced right on the job order. You can get back to the job order by backing away from the car until the menu list shows in the upper right of the screen. ‘O’ will take you to the job order.

If you want to see for yourself what is wrong with the car, you can either enter Examine mode (once you get close to the car and click on part of it, you will have Examine as an option. This lets you look at parts/components on the vehicle and right click on them to see their condition. Examining the car to determine the issue is a bit of hit and miss, as you may be at the wrong angle or wrong section of the car to see the defective part(s).

Another method is to take the car for a test drive. You do this by moving to one of the large doors for the garage, it will show that you can ‘exit’ (this doesn’t exit the game, but gives you a list of locations you can go to outside the garage.

Choose ‘Exit’ then select the Old Factory Test Track to be teleported to the test track in the vehicle.

Simply use WASD keys to drive around the track (when you reach a green zone, the next zone will show up). The car autoshifts, so you only have to worry about acceleration (W), brake (S), and left and right turns (A and D).

Drive the track to the end (red zone) and you’ll be moved back to the garage with a report vehicle item/component condition, sorted with the worst at the top.

Replacing Defective Parts

Once you have your report or list of items to replace, you will need to remove the bad part. Most likely you will need the car on a lift. You do this by choosing ‘Move’ from the menu that pops up whn you look at the vehicle. You then can choose either the right or left lift.

Choose the Lift

The car will be placed on the lift and lifted enough to be able to remove tires, and reach suspension components. If you need to work under the car (to change engine oil for example), use the control box on the side of the lift to raise the car for easy underneath access.