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Stop disappearing bodies! for Dishonored

Stop disappearing bodies!


This guide helps you modify a file that limits the amount of bodies the game will allow per level so that bodies no longer vanish from the game


Dishonored, by default, attempts to maintain a maximum of five bodies per level and has an absolute maximum of ten bodies per level.

I find this very restrictive and immersion-breaking. I’ve experienced an NPC I literally just killed disappearing after I’ve turned around and killed another NPC.

Disclaimer Regarding Dunwall City Trials

While this procedure will not affect achievements, it will disable posting to leaderboards in Dunwall City Trials. If you want to post to leaderboards for Dunwall City Trials, you will need to restore DishonoredAI.ini to its default state. You can simply edit the values back to 10 and 5, or keep a copy of DishonoredAI.ini that contains the default values and substitute the default valued file in before playing Dunwall City Trials. The active file is always the one named DishonoredAI.ini.

How To

  • 1) Open the file DishonoredAI.ini located in: (My) DocumentsMy GamesDishonored
  • 2) Edit the values of m_CorpseAbsoluteMaximumCount and m_CorpseIdealMaximumCount (located on lines four and five) from 10 and 5 to values of your choosing (I use 999 for both).
    • The lines should read:
  • 3) Save the file
  • 4) Enjoy the game with bodies that do not disappear!

If you cannot locate your My Documents folder, the path is:

A Note on Acquiring New DLC

If you acquire a new DLC, this may reset your .ini files to the default state. Make sure you check and if necessary remodify these files as detailed above so that you can enjoy your new DLC without disappearing bodies! Thanks to Captain Scoresby for this information.

Further Explanation

m_CorpseAbsoluteMaximumCount is the variable that sets the absolute maximum number of bodies that can be present in a level. The number of bodies will never exceed this value.

m_CorpseIdealMaximumCount is the variable that attempts to limit the number of bodies in a level. The game will try to limit the number of bodies to the value of this variable, but it may be exceeded.

The values of these variables are set to large numbers because we cannot set them to be unlimited. Choose a number that will be impossible to exceed!

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