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Tactics to Raise That XP Bar


Wanna know how to level up fast? Wanna know how to be level 99 faster than all of your friends? Well its all here! This guide contains a handful or two of guides that I have found and/or made (All credit given to original owners of tactics).

#1 – The Multiplayer Tactic by Diggle!

Well, seeing that this one is/was on the homepage. You most likely know this one, but I’ll tell you just in case :D. Here are the steps to this one.

Step 1: Get a friend to get one of his highest levelled characters to play with you, preferably with a high defense (while you get the character you want to level up… obviously).

Step 2: Stock up on health potions before you enter the level, so your friend can live longer

Step 3: Go to any boss that has a part where you fight for the princess, preferably the Barbarian Boss because he’s the easiest.

Step 4: Slay the boss, collect the money, and begin the fight.

Step 5: So tell your friend not to attack you, but you attack him. Every swing you swing gets you XP, so rack it up.

#2 – The Cotton Burner Tactic by ProGamesHD

Well, I was looking some tactics up online, and this is one that could be actually pretty good and decently fast.

Step 1: Go to the end of the level, “Thieves Forest” right before you enter the mill, and where you fight the Troll Mother (aka the medium sized troll)

Step 2: Let the Troll Mother spawn in a bunch of Trolls that you can hit and gain XP, and don’t kill the Troll Mother

Step 3: Only kill the Trolls, NOT the Troll Mother. The Trolls are easy to kill and easy XP banks.

Step 4: When you are done, you can finally kill the Troll Mother and move on with the game.

#3 – The Alien Decapitation Tactic by Unknown

I forget who came up with this one, but it is decently efficient.

Step 1: Go to the level, “Alien Ship” and stop at the part where the flood of aliens surge in.

Step 2: Swing your sword until they’re all dead.

Step 3: Either finish the level or restart it, but replay that part again until you get the desired level.

#4 – The Corn off the Cob Method by ssdmiddleman

This one is for people with a high agility level to spam shoot arrows.

Step 1: Go to the level “Corn Boss” on the map.

Step 2: When he comes out, start spam shooting arrows (He shouldn’t go back into the ground if you shoot fast enough).

Step 3: When the Corn Boss dies, repeat this process until you get the level desired.

Here is a youtube video to help understand this method by ssdmiddleman

#5 – The Arrow Fishing Method by ᗜੂͦFlate⌨

This is a method for those with a high agility level that are wanting to raise the rest of their stats. It was gonna be called the “Catfishing Method”, but I’m not a 47 year old man living in a basement… Moving on…

Step 1: Go to the level “Catfish” and equip your bow if not already at hand.

Step 2: When it is time for you to attack the Catfish, instead of meleeing him (Yes, meleeing is a word apparently, thanks Wikipedia.) use your bow and just shoot your bow at him as fast as you can.

Step 3: Since you can move directly to the Catfish level, replay until you get the level desired.

Tips and Tricks

Here are a couple of tips and tricks to help you gain xp while you do those methods.


Giraffey is a pet that you collect in the level “Desert” by digging him up near some bricks, he increases your XP gain by 10%. Plus, for every hitpoint you get, he gifts you 1.1 XP.


Juggling is when you jump in the air to attack an enemy, and spam the attack key. This keeps the enemy in the air and prevents them from dying. The enemies also cannot attack you while you are juggling them.

Light Attacks:

Since light attacks deal the least damage, and you get 1 XP per hit on an enemy, then dealing a minimum amount of damage would be useful.

Low Strength/High Defense:

The amount of XP you get doesn’t grow when you hit people harder, so a good tip would be to be weak and hit them for the greatest amount of times you can. This is similair to the “Light Attack” tip.

Weak Weapons:

Similair to the last two tips, weak weapons are good to use. This is because they don’t have a decent effect on attacks. It would also be best to use a sword that decreases strength.

More Tactics Coming Soon…

Well, those are all of the ones I can think of off the top of my head, but if you know of any more that I did not include in this guide. Please tell me in the comments 😀 we need more tactics.