Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Technobarbarian: The scourge of the Mojave for Fallout: New Vegas

Technobarbarian: The scourge of the Mojave


For the lovers of Roleplaying and melee combat, this build will both be a build and a challenge run in New Vegas.


  • S-7 (+1 with implant and +2 with Old World Blues)
  • P-4 (+1 with implant)
  • E-9 (+1 with implant)
  • C-1
  • I-4 (Starter for some Int related perks, +1 with Implant)
  • A-7 (+1 with implant, +1 with Lonesome Road)
  • L-8 (+1 with Implant)


-Repair (Try it to get it to level 50 ASAP to have Repair kits and save up in repairs)
-Survival (You will get shot a lot, so eating will carry you forward)


Traits: Heavy Handed and Hot Blooded.

Level 2: Confirmed Bachelor/Cherchez la femme.
Level 4: Cannibal.
Level 6: Toughness 1.
Level 8: Toughness 2.
Level 10: Bloody mess.
Level 12: Super Slam.
Level 14: Adamantium Skeleton.
Level 16: Old World Gourmet.
Level 18: Stonewall.
Level 20: Travel Light.
Level 22: Piercing Strike.
Level 24: Slayer.
Level 26: Purifier.
Level 28: Chemist.
Level 30: Terrifying presence.
Level 32: Light Touch.
Level 34: Unstoppable force.
Level 36: Ghastly Scavenger.
Level 38: Tribal Wisdom.
Level 40: Hit the deck.
Level 42: Them’s Good Eatin’
Level 44: Mile in their Shoes.
Level 48: Pyromaniac (optional if you decide to use the Super Heated Saturnite fist and/or Gehenna)
Level 50: Ain’t Like that Now.


-For armor, any raider armor should do. Light armor only (Remember, you are a barbarian).
-For weapons:

The Super Sledge (More specifically, Oh Baby!) is your endgame goal and general purpose pummeling tool.

The Proton Axe (And the throwing variant) will make a fine addition to your brutalizing arsenal. Paired with Piercing strike, you will be capable of plowing through all kinds of robots and people in power armor.

For your punching prowess, there are plenty of options from the lovely power fist to the glorious Yao Guai/Deathclaw Gauntlets. A personal favourite of mine is the Super Heated Saturnite Fist.

For a great backup weapon, the Shishkebab and later Gehenna are amazing weapons if you want to take out every once in a while. You can skip them, but Gehenna is worth the effort.

Barbarian challenge

For the full barbarian experience, there are several things one must do:
-Go with bad karma as much as you can.
-Always solve quests the violent way or using Terrifying presence. No speech checks allowed.
-Get hooked up on all the drugs you can. Get Science to 50 and no higher to craft drugs and do the Khan supply run mission ASAP to get the Turbo Recipie.
-No water allowed. You can only drink alcohol (Unless you do Hardcore).
-No stimpacks or Doctor Bags allowed. You can only heal using healing powder, poultices, Hydra and eating.
-No veggies allowed. A true barbarian only eats meat and the hearts of his enemies.
-You are still free to side with whoever you want.