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Terminal Hacking Tutorial for Fallout: New Vegas

Terminal Hacking Tutorial


An easy tutorial for hacking the terminals./终端骇客简易指南。

What is the terminal?

The terminals in game are designed for locking or unlocking specific interactions, offering you the access to some doors, security systems. For the NV beginners might find it difficult to hack a terminal because they’re totally confused by the codes and letters.


The following tips will show you how to hack it in a few seconds.

1. What you need to do first is ignore the codes like commas, dashes. Keep focus on the letters only.

2. Click any word as password you like and the result will be displayed at the right bottom of the screen with a fraction. That’s how you’re close to the real password. In the screenshot you find the number is 4/7 which means the entry “BEATING” has 4 identical letters with the password.

3. Then you just attempt to locate other words that has similar letters to the previous one. That’s easy to see that “ING” can be the 3 letters included in the password and I tried out “SENDING” to get the access very soon.