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The Barbarian Makeover Update for Castle Crashers

The Barbarian Makeover Update


Finally, The Steam Community has received the long awaited update to our favorite game, Castle Crashers. Although nothing new was added the the Story Mode, we do have some new things that we’re interested in playing. This guide will talk about new features, and some extra things in the new update.

General Gameplay Updates

The following are things added that did not exist before, or have been added into the game

1. New homescreen and menus

So we can all agree that this new home screen is epic. That’s all there is to it. When going into the ‘Local Game’ or ‘Online Multiplayer’ tabs, we see that there is a new game entitled “Back Off, Barbarian”. Although it’s gone most of us may or may not miss the button-mashing game that was, All You Can Quaff.

Next, we have new loading screens, in which features 1 of the 4 characters in a running like motion to entertain you while you wait for the game to load.

Lastly, there is the character selections screen. These look amazing now. They have all the stats of the character on the bottom now, and it just looks great with the character on top, also featuring new art.

2. Smoother Gameplay (Increased Framerates)

This is clearly the most obvious thing that we’ve seen in the game when you get into a game. The gameplay is much smoother and more appealing than it was. Although if you do have a Steam FPS Counter, It will continue to stay in the 60-65fps on most computers. One thing about this is that The characters do seem to move slower than usual. Another thing with this, in which this Guide will cover in part 3 of this section, is that you cannot Sprint until you reach a certain level.

3. First Combo is now at Level 4, along with the ability to sprint

Unlike how it was back in the day when you received your first combo at level 2, you now have to wait until you are level 4, which isn’t too hard, and if you’re an expierienced player, may only take you a matter of 10 minutes or so. Anyway, this combo tells you that you can do Sprint followed by, Heavy Attack to do the “Feet-Sweep” combo as I like to call it, and those of you that have read my previous guides, will know.

New Gamemode: Back Off, Barbarian!

So we lost All You Can Quaff , but we gained Back off, Barbarian a new gamemode added in this update. As of right now, I haven’t gotten a chance to play it, but I have seen people play it when Remastered was added to Xbox One in August. From what i’ve seen, you must avoid the Barbarian Minions by moving and be the last standing with the highest time. As the update came today, I bet that there are many playing it, but I advise you to play it soon because this game will die down eventually once again, and it might be hard to find a few people wanting to play mutliplayer.

Extra adds

As said from the a source from our friends at, has the following adds to the game:

1. New Ultra Mode allows for higher textures (You can turn this feature on in the Options Menu. Be advised this is meant for high spec gaming systems: Reccommended for 64bit Operating Systems)

2. Uncapped Framerate (Frames are not set at a high or low, it can be any number)

3. Updated UI Flow

4. Now supports Russian Language

5. General Bug Fixes and Improvements