Fallout: New Vegas Guide

The Beagle Build for Fallout: New Vegas

The Beagle Build


A how to on the best build so far in New Vegas, the Beagle Build.

Requirements and Rules


  • Fallout Character Overhaul (Or being great at the original character editor.)
  • Console Commands
  • The Beagle mentality


  • No fast travel
  • Play on Hardcore Mode
  • Play on Hard difficulty
  • Don’t use any other amor besides Leather armour, and no headgear
  • Only use Guns, Melee Weapons, and Unarmed for combat
  • Play with one life only
  • When you level up, assign all skill points to the 3 tags and put all perks points towards gun related perks

The Beagle Plan Part 1 – Preparation

When you first start, if using FCO (Fallout Character Overhaul), select the Beagle preset. If not, Spend 2 hours making Beagle. Once you’re finished, set all of your SPECIAL skills into luck.
After doing this, open up the console (~) and type this:

Player.modav Strength 1
Player.modav Preception 1
Player.modav Charisma -2
Player.modav Intelligence -2
Player.modav Agility 2
Player.modav Luck -6

Once all of this has been done, your SPECIAL should look like this:

Strength – 6
Perception – 6
Endurance – 5
Charisma – 3
Intelligence – 3
Agility – 7
Luck – 4

After getting SPECIAL out of the way, do the other Doc Mitchell stuff and set your tag skills as Guns, Unarmed, and Melee Weapons, and enable hardcore mode when given the option. Choose no traits. Once you’re free to go, dump every item you have somewhere in Doc Mitchell’s house (Excluding the the 9mm Pistol and 9mm rounds given). Open up the console again, entering this line:
Player.additem 00020423 1 (It will give you Leather armour, the preferred armour of Beagle).
Set your difficulty to Hard.

The Beagle Plan Part 2 – A Beagle Kinda Town

Now that the character creation is complete, head off. While in Goodsprings, take nothing and do nothing, just head straight to Primm. Play with only one life and no fast travel. Once in Primm, kill off all the enemies outside, then head inside and get the quest My Kind of Town. Comeplete this like you normally would, except when you get to Beagle, Do not free him, kill him, as he is the false Beagle. Take back your journal and clear out the rest of the Bison-Steve Hotel. Once it is clear, head back to the Viki & Vance Casino and tell them that Beagle died. They will ask you to find a sheriff. At this point you have 3 options:
1. NCR – Don’t do this because Martial Law doesn’t seem like fun.
2. Primm Slim – Don’t do this because crime is just a number to him.
3. Meyers – Beagle approved, do this.
Now head off to the NCR Correctional Facility to get Meyers as Sheriff. Go in shooting. Once Meyers has been convinced, head off to get the NCR pardon. You will most likely have to scout Nipton for them before you can pay them off for a pardon. Once done, you have completed part two of the Beagle Plan.

The Beagle Plan Part 3 – Just a Beagle Now

Great job! Primm has been restored to a natural and law abiding town! But you’re just a Beagle now. So what now? Well since martial law doesn’t sound like fun, the only sensible thing for Beagle to do now is to get rid of it, by killing Kimbal. And since Beagle has good karma, getting rid of that Caeser guy is a must. Start by getting rid of all small NCR and Legion camps and working your way up. Good luck, Beagle.