Fallout: New Vegas Guide

The best way to handle Deathclaws for Fallout: New Vegas

The best way to handle Deathclaws


This is my opinion. But if you have any other ideas to kill Deathclaws with other guns go a head tell me or comment.

Step #1: What you need first

First you need to beable to be level 10 or higher to explore farther in the wastland. Second you need powerful weapons to defeat enemies along the road. Third thing you need to do is not run into a Deathclaw or go in the wrong way and die.

Step #2: Juorney to Locations

First is you’ll be at Goodspring after you reach level 10 then go to Primm. Second is to go to is Mojave Outpost. Third place to go to is Wolfhorn Ranch. Fourth place you need to go to is Novac to get a house to put stuff that you find that you want to keep. Fifth place is to get to is HELIOS One. Sixth place to get to next after HELIOS One, is 188 Trading Post. Then finally go to Gun Runners.

Step #3: What you need to buy and make it strong

First you need 13300 caps, if you want it to be less you need 75% or higher of Speech and Barter skill. Second you need 75% or higher with Gun weapon skill to make it do more than 110 damage, and to have amur pearcing ammo, inciniary ammo, or exploding ammo. The get the gun which is the anti matterial rifle and shoot them ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ up.

Step #4: The Gun

The gun is the anti material rifle found at the gun runner shop.