Fallout: New Vegas Guide

The Drunk for Fallout: New Vegas

The Drunk


Ever wanted to drink belligerently? Punch everyone and everything? Then this guide is for you!

Your Behavior

You will make your mission in life this simple thing: Getting Drunk and staying that way. This of course means you would never side with the Legion, since they are against alcohol. You will pretty much do your best to make sure you always have plenty of alcohol, and are always drunk. And since you’re in a constant state of not giving a ♥♥♥♥ and having wobbly unsteady hands, you’re not going to like ranged weapons. You’ll above all like Unarmed, since nothing is like punching someone to death. As for whether you’ll be good or bad, it’s up to you. What kind of drunk you are is your choice:
Bad Karma: You’re a mean and cruel drunk, you beat stuff because of the joy smashing things gives you.
Neutral Karma: You’re just a guy, you’re drunk, and you don’t really want to be a hero or villain. You just want a comfy seat and a cold beer.
Good Karma: You’re humorous, and you’ve regressed to a sort of child-like innocence where you just want to make people happy.

Your Special

So being a chronic alcoholic, unarmed, wasteland legend starts with a booth in a doctor’s home. What special does this wobbly ne’er-do-well have?
Strength: 9 (Being constantly drunk means a constant +1 to this)
Perception: 1 (You’re too drunk to notice anything)
Endurance: 10 (You’re too drunk to feel pain, and your unarmed skills are unmatched.)
Charisma: 8 (You’re pretty likable as a person, and most pity you behind your back.)
Intelligence: 1 (Chronic Alcoholism has its downsides)
Agility: 1 (You’re barely on your feet, fancy footwork is beyond you)
Luck: 10 (Your moronity has granted you some luck as a consolation prize)

Your tags

So now that you’ve picked your SPECIAL, you’re gonna have to choose your tagged skills. These are the ones you will choose:
Survival: You know how to make your own alcohol.
Unarmed: You’re the best when it comes to punching things.
Barter: People pity you, and since you have an ok reputation, tend to give you better deals.

Your Traits

So, what is your medical history?
Heavy Handed: Again, you’re really good at punching things. Unfortunately, despite high luck, your crits are weak.
Hot Blooded: You get especially angry when your punches feel ineffective, and have a tendency to go into a blind drunken rage.

Your (Possible) strategies.

You’ll want to stay in Goodsprings and do most of the quests before you leave. This is important for any good strategy. Then, you’ll want to sell all of your weapons and ammo except for a peashooter that you’ll use when enemies are out of punching range and refuse to come in it and fight you like a (drunken) man! You will of course focus on building the unarmed skill, and get perks that have to do with doing damage and unarmed attacks. Of course, you’re ok with using unarmed weapons. As long as you’re punching something. Veronica would be proud. And, as you’ve probably guessed, you’ll do your best to get the special moves people throughout the wastes will teach you.

Places for alcohol and weapons

Prospecter Saloon in Goodsprings
Atomic Wrangler in Freeside
Pretty much every casino in the strip
Vault 21 in the strip
Buffalo Hotel in primm
Any Fiend stashes, they usually have a bit of Alcohol
Gun Runners, outside vegas
Any trader
The Legion’s camp, they’ve got some good ones there
Again, Fiends usually have something worthwhile

Any information for this section is welcome.


You drink fun juice use hand make guy go boom-boom (Get literate or get out).

Thanks for reading my guide!

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