Fallout: New Vegas Guide

The Fallout:New Vegas Companion Guide for Fallout: New Vegas

The Fallout:New Vegas Companion Guide


The contents of this guide go over the Location,Story, and details of each of the companions in Fallout:New Vegas!

Introduction:Your Companion and You!

About Permanent Companions

As you walk the Mojave, life can get pretty violent and lonely! Thankfully there is a group of people that are willing to walk to dangerous path with you and keep you company as you violently shake up the groups,vaults, and towns that pepper across the wasteland!
You have the possibility to recruit a total of 8 companions, 6 humanoid, and two non-humanioid.
As you can’t have a whole posse backing you up as you raid fiend vaults or fight deathclaws, you are limited to one humanoid and one non humanoid to follow you at a time.

Recruiting your first companion will gain you the Ol’ Buddy Ol’ Pal achievement, and recruiting all 8 in one game will give you The Whole Gang’s Here achievement!

Every Companion Has…
  • Their own unique personality. Each companion has their own personality and moral code. with some your factions or karma may prevent them from being recruited. They also can refuse to work with you at any time, and may even turn hostile. Your Karma, your actions in the Mojave, and who you side with in the end all effects who may want to stay at your side.
  • Their own perk(s) Recruiting a companion will give you access to their respective perk! Each one is unique and can be a real game changer as you walk the wastes.
  • Backstory Each companion has their own personal quest and backstory that once completed can help you earn experience, loot, and even a new perk with that companion, depending on how the quests are completed.
  • The Companion Wheel. The companion wheel is an overlay you can interact with once you “talk” to your current companion.
  • “Essential” Status. While they walk with you, permanent companions are marked in game as “Essential.” The status causes anyone marked to be unable to die. That’s right! no matter how many shots you pump into their head from point blank, it wont kill them. Once their HP is drained, they will simply fall unconscious, and recover a time later. However, once you enter “HARDCORE” mode, when they die, they die.
    About Temporary Companions..

    Among the wasteland there are followers you can gain temporarily, both during certain quests and in certain DLC’s. Some may just simply follow you, while others will assist you in combat for a certain time in certain areas. Unlike your permanent companions, they are not essential and you cannot give them commands with the Companion wheel.

    The Wheel!

    The Companion wheel function works as follows:

    • Melee/Ranged This switches the fighting preference between the companions ranged weapon and their melee. however not all companions can use this feature. Rex cant hold a gun. which is wack.
    • Inventory Control Opens a inventory slot for the companion, much like putting things in a drawer, allowing you to swap items with your companions. Like you, your companions have a limit on their carryweight.
    • Close/Distance This Slot will instruct the companion to stay near you at either a long or short distance.
    • Back Up. Using this command will have the companion back a bit away from you.
    • Passive/Aggressive Switching this will cause the Companion to be either passive or aggressive.Passive companions will only attack enemies that are engaged in combat with you, Aggressive companions will attack any enemy they see. However, most companions ignore this setting.
    • Stimpack If pressed, you will be able to heal your companion if they are injured. Hovering above this icon will show you the current health of your companion and your stimpack reserve.
    • Wait/Follow You can command the companion to wait at a certain location (such as entering Caesar’s Tent.) or to resume them following you. As they wait, they are still considered Essential, so them leaving your side wont kill them.
    • Talk. This opens a standard dialogue box for you to access. This is one way to dismiss your companion, as well as open up the other options in the wheel.

I- Veronica Santangelo

  • 1st Location- Trading Post 188.
  • Companion Quests- “I Could Make You Care”,”You Make Me Feel Like a Woman.”
  • Initial Perk- Scribe Assistant
  • Initial Affiliation- Brotherhood of Steel
Recruitment and Resentment

Recruiting Veronica takes place at the 188 trading post by speaking to her. she will mention the Brotherhood of steel, and if the player does not make themselves out to be an enemy, she will ask to join you on your journey, then revealing her affiliation to the group.
Talking negatively about the Brotherhood when first speaking to her will cause her to refuse recruitment, and she will refuse to talk to you for the remainder of the game.
Destroying the Hidden Valley Bunker and therefore the Mojave chapter of the Brotherhood before meeting her will give you access to tell her that you were responsible. This will cause her to become hostile and force you to kill her.

Becoming Vilified with the Brotherhood with cause Veronica to leave. She will still continue companionship with “Merciful Thug” Reputation. She may still give out her “Last Chance” Dialogue.
She also may give out the warning if you wear NCR related armor while she is your companion.

👗Scribe Assistant 👗

Veronica’s companion perk is “Scribe Assistant”. Her perk allows your Courier to craft workbench only items through Veronica’s dialogue with no need for a workbench. Your skill and item requirements are still needed. the perk is useful for recycling energy weapons,creating health items, and recycling other fuels.

👗I Could Make You Care👗

Veronica’s companion quest starts when she is triggered to speak to you 3 times, as she sees things around the Mojave and begin to question the codex and philosophy of the Brotherhood of Steel.
There are nine potential triggers for these dialogues.

  • Speaking with Tom Anderson of the Followers of the Apocalypse in the Casa Madrid Apartments. – She will compare/contrast the Followers and the Brotherhood
  • Walking near the entrance of Vault 3-She will comment on the Strength of the Fiends
  • Wandering around Nelson,Cottonwood Cove, or the Fort.-She will comment on the Legion’s effectiveness in taking over the area.
  • There are two in Camp McCarran.At the terminal building she will start to comment on the amount of NCR rangers, and after meeting Dr Hildern in his doctor office-She will comment on his new research.
  • REPCONN- When speaking to Jason Bright about escaping the Mojave-She will comment on his likeness to Father Elijah.
  • Old Mormon Fort-When meeting Julie Farkas, or with other doctors.-she will be impressed with the work of the Followers.
  • Nellis AFB-Listening to pete’s lecture in the Boomer museum.-She will compare the Boomers to the Brotherhood.
  • The Silver Rush-Speaking to Gloria Van Graff-She will comment on the large amount of energy weapons.

After three of the nine triggers are activated, Veronica will ask you to take her to Hidden Valley. With her by your side, you do not have to go through the additional Brotherhood quest of having to wear a bomb collar.
Once she speaks with the Elder (McNamara or Hardin, depending on if Still in the Dark is completed and in what way) , she will try to convince them that the Brotherhood needs to grow, with the Elder not being interested in the change.

After her conversation, Veronica will ask the player to help her find data to convince the Elder, looking in one of Father Elijah’s old terminals. The Terminal is in the Gibson’s shack near Novac.
Veronica will find data on three technologies, giving you options on which to bring to the Elder.

  • Euclid’s C-Finder/Archimedes II-by Completing That Lucky Old Sun and diverting the power to ArchII, then obtaining the C Finder from Max in Freeside. either by taking it while he sleeps, buying it off him, or pickpocketing him.
  • New Farming Tech-By Completing There Stands the Grass in Vault 22 and making sure you allow Keely to not delete the data.
  • The Pulse Gun.-By going to Vault 34, opening the overseers office, and unlocking the armory. the Pulse gun is in a 100 skill locked box, however the key for it may be stolen from a cabinet in Pearl’s Barracks at Nellis AFB.

Once you gain one of the three technologies, Return to the Elder. Veronica will show him the tech, but he still will not be convinced.
She will ask for the player’s opinion.This decision is irreversible, and will decide her new perk at the end of the quest. Telling her that it is her choice will cause her to choose to stay with the Brotherhood of Steel.
Afterward, Veronica will ask to go outside the bunker. once leaving, a team of Brotherhood Paladins angry at Veronica’s subversive ideas will approach.
If Veronica left the Brotherhood, they will let her leave, but tell Veronica to never come back. Attacking the paladins at this point would cause veronica to leave, and her quest to fail automatically.
If Veronica decided to stay, the Paladins are still persistent.
Passing a 95 Speech check to get them to leave will end it peacefully, but exhausting their dialogue options until they turn hostile and attack. If they shoot first, you will not lose reputation with the Brotherhood or lose Veronica’s

After the Paladins are dealt with, the quest will conclude if Veronica chooses to stay with the Brotherhood of Steel.
She will get the “Bonds of Steel” Perk, and the player gets 1,000 XP.

If Veronica decides to leave, she will express interest to join the Followers of the Apocalypse, and mention the Courier visiting the Follower’s outpost with her.
Speaking to Doctor Alvarez about her joining the Followers. Alvarez will instruct her to leave for the day as Doctor Schiller is gone for the day. After waiting at least one full day, you can return to the outpost.
Entering the outpost, you will discover the Brotherhood Paladin group massacred the Followers outpost, patients and all. They will accuse Veronica of treason and become hostile soon after.
like the first fight, letting them attack first wont cause Veronica to leave, or the quest to fail.

after speaking to her, the quest will complete, and Veronica will gain the “Causeless Rebel” Perk.
The player can still return to Hidden Valley with her, but she will refuse to go inside the bunker.

👗You Make Me Feel Like a Woman.👗

Veronica has a secondary, unmarked quest unlocked through Veronica’s dialogue. She will state out her longtime dream of owning and wearing a dress. The Specific Items that complete her quest are

  • Formal Wear
  • White Glove Society attire
  • Dapper gambler suit
  • Vera’s Outfit (From the Dead Money DLC)

    Simply open up her inventory and place the outfit in her inventory, then close it. You will complete the quest and she will speak to you.
    In return, she will teach you the Scribe Counter unarmed technique.

    👗Bonds Of Steel👗

    Veronica’s Bonds of Steel perk is obtained if she stays with the Brotherhood in her main companion quest. It grants her an Armor damage threshold increase by 4

    👗Causeless Rebel👗

    If she choses to leave the Brotherhood of Steel, Veronica will gain the Causeless Rebel perk, Increasing her unarmed attack rate by 30%

II-Craig Boone


  • 1st Location- Novac
  • Companion Quests-One for My Baby, I Forgot to Remember to Forget.
  • Initial Perk- Spotter
  • Initial Affiliation- New California Republic,Novac

🎯Recruitment and Resentment🎯

To recruit Boone to your party, One must complete his initial quest given while he is in the tower in Novac. Once successfully completing One for My Baby,Boone can be recruited to join you throughout the Mojave wasteland.

Completing the quest incorrectly can lead to Boone refusing to talk to, or becoming hostile to the Courier. Such as having insufficient evidence for whoever you have him shoot, or just stating you had “a hunch”
Boone is aligned with the New California Republic, and will refuse to speak to the player if their NCR reputation is low, or their reputation with Caesar’s Legion is high.
Once recruited, Boone will give out his ‘last chance’ warning once the player gains NCR infamy, and the dialogue options give you the chance to attack Boone or to vow that you will kill no more NCR individuals. If the player once again kills NCR members with Boone in their party, Boone will quit following you and immediately turn hostile.


With Boones perk, Spotter, the player will have all hostile enemies highlighted red while the player is aiming through either the iron sights or the scope of their active weapon. This makes enemies easier to attack at long ranges or in low visibility.

🎯One For My Baby🎯

Between 9PM-9AM, Boone will be in the mouth of the large Dinosaur. Once speaking to Boone and talking to him, the player will receive the quest to find out who sold his wife to slavers. Boone will give the Courier his red beret to signal to kill whoever the Courier brings to the Dino.
The Courier is then told to speak to the many citizens of Novac. Talking to No-bark Noonan will give the Player cause to explore the Dino Dee-lite motel lobby. behind the front desk is a easy locked safe, the key being able to be pickpoketed by Jeannie May Crawford. inside the safe is the bill of sale for Boone’s wife, noting that she sold her to Legion slavers.
Simply speak to Jeannie, instruct her to follow you to the dinosaur, and equip the 1st Recon beret.

Once she is shot, return to Boone and provide him with evidence. Alternatively, The Courier may be able to frame the majority of the Novac citizens, having to pass speech checks for Boone to believe you.
Once the quest is completed, you may be able to Convince Boone to join you!

🎯I Forgot to Remember to Forget.🎯

To activate Boone’s quest, one must first earn 5 ‘History Points’ with Boone,gaining his trust.
Doing certain Activities with Boone in your party will earn points, such as;

  • Killing Vulpes Inculta (+1)
  • Killing Silus in Camp McCarran(+1)
  • Killing the NCR spy in McCarran(+1)
  • Killing Caesar(+2)
  • Rescuing the Hostages in Nelson(+2) or Killing them (+1)
  • Killing the Legion during the quest Eye for an Eye (+2)
  • Rescuing the Powder Gangers during the quest Booted (+1)
    As well as gaining Boone’s trust through history points, the Courier will either need to talk to Manny Vargas, Captain Gilles, or Sgt. Bitter-Root about the Bitter Springs Massacre.

    After speaking to them, speak to Boone and pass the 30 speech check to convince him to return to Bitter Springs. Boone will then ask to go to Coyote Tail Ridge, where he will then talk to the Courier about his experience during the massacre. he will then ask to stay overnight at the area.
    The Courier will then wake up to Boone telling them of a Legion raiding party approaching.

    After the 3 waves of Legion are defeated, Boone will immediately talk to the Courier afterward,
    Boone will ask a question regarding his past, the final answer will determine which armor Boone will obtain at the end of his quest,
    If the Courier tells Boone that “This is war, and people Die” Boone’s Bloodthirst will let him obtain the 1st Recon Assault Armor.
    If the Courier tells Boone “he can’t bring back the past, but try to make things better,” Boone’s Repentance will let him obtain the 1st Recon Survival Armor.
    The quest will then end successfully, granting the Player 500 experience.

III-Arcade Gannon

  • 1st Location- Old Mormon Fort
  • Companion Quests- For Auld Lang Syne
  • Initial Perk- Better Healing
  • Initial Affiliation- The Followers of the Apocalypse,Enclave.

💉Recruitment and Resentment💉

Arcade can be recruited by speaking to him at Old Mormon Fort. He will agree in many different ways.

  • Having a high reputation with the Followers of the Apocalypse
  • Successfully completing the quest High Times, and giving Julie Farkas the needed supplies
  • Passing a 75 Speech Check
  • Flirting with him with the Confirmed Bachelor perk
  • Having very,very low intelligence to the point Arcade feels bad for you.

If the Courier has high reputation with Caesar’s Legion, Arcade will refuse to join them, at least until their reputation is lower.

Arcade will give out his ‘last chance’ dialogue if the Player does or says things he is against during certain quests. Arcade will leave immediately and permanently if the Courier:

  • Starts the ending quest for the Legion,entering the Legate’s Camp.
  • Convince the Enclave Remnants to support Caesar’s Legion during his ending quest.
  • Activating Archimedes at the end of That Lucky old Sun Responding to his outrage “It’s time for the NCR to roast,” he will immediately turn hostile.
  • responding to his last change dialogue with “If you don’t like it, leave.”
💉Better Healing💉

Arcade’s companion perk is ‘Better Healing’,increasing the Courier’s health recovery from all consumables by 20%, giving player’s with high survival even more health from eating the many food items throughout the Mojave.

💉For Auld Lang Syne💉

Like Boone’s History Points, Arcade has a Point’s system by doing things he likes. It takes 5 history points to trigger his quest. Passing many Intelligence checks or doing deeds for the Followers are ways, as well as traveling to places in the Mojave that trigger his memories of the Enclave, such as the Crashed vertibird or The Silver Rush.
During certain areas of the game, Arcade will pull you aside,and depending on your answers, you will gain history points, such as

  • When First Arriving at the fort
  • After speaking to Dr Hildern at Camp McCarran
  • While speaking to Fantastic during the quest That Lucky Old Sun.
  • While completing the quest The White Wash

Once at least 5 points are collected, Arcade will approach the player and ask them to speak, asking the Courier for their help to convince some of his Father’s Enclave allies to help at the 2nd Battle of Hoover Dam.
The player will then need to recruit the 5 Enclave remnants and gain their password to reach the Remnants Bunker. Each remnant gives out one word of the password.

  • Daisy Whitman, located in her Novac hotel room.
  • Cannibal Johnson, found in his cave,located northwest of Camp Golf.
  • Doctor Henry, located in the Jacobstown Lodge.
  • Orion Moreno, in his house near the NCR sharecropper farms.
  • Judah Kreger. located in Westside.
    their words put together make out the phrase
    “Dear old friends, remember Navarro”
    Once all five members are convinced to head to the bunker,the password can be used to open the main door. Located int he briefing room will be Judah, leader of the remnants. Talking to him you may decide whether the Courier would like the Enclave Remnants to aid the Legion or the NCR during the upcoming battle.


    If the Courier has them side with the NCR, Orion Moreno will leave the room. Outside the hanger he will stand and speak about his hatred of the NCR, and refuse to fight on their side. Passing an 80 speech check, or having a “Wild Child” reputation with the NCR, the Courier can convince to participate. Otherwise, Orion will attack the player for convincing his friends to join.
    Afterward,Judah will have you speak to Daisy for power armor training, using either her own armor or Orion’s, if picked up after he is killed.

    After the quest ends, Arcade will approach the Courier and ask them if he should join the Remnants in the battle. he will then run off claiming he has something to do. Shortly, he will come back with the Gannon Family Tesla Armor. If you helped convince him to fight along side the remnants, he will be wearing it and leave your company permanently, showing up during the fight.
    If he plans to go back to the Followers of the Apocalypse, he will give the Courier to armor, and leave to the Old Mormon Fort.


    If the Courier chooses to side with the Legion, Both Arcade Gannon and Cannibal Johnson will leave, with no option to convince them to stay. The player can speak to Orion for power armor training, and give them Cannibal Johnson’s power armor.

    Either way, Judah will then ask the Courier to leave as they plan their attack strategy. The Courier will earn 500 XP and Power Armor Training, ending the quest.

IV-Raul Tejada

  • 1st Location- Prison Building in Black Mountain,Raul’s Shack
  • Companion Quests-Old School Ghoul
  • Initial Perk- Regular Maintenance
  • Initial Affiliation- Tabitha, Utobitha


Raul can be recruited by freeing him from the prison building inside Black Mountain. To unlock the room he is being held in either pick the door’s lock (100 skill required), or hacking the terminal against the wall of the building. (100 skill required)
To bypass both of these, looking in the non locked terminal belonging to him and reading the 6th entry will give you his password (123456789)

Recruiting Raul before dealing with Tabitha will cause her to yell at you through the radio, before appearing outside the building flanked by fellow nightkin. It is much easier to finish Tabitha’s quest, Crazy,Crazy,Crazy before recruiting Raul. simply repair her broken eyebot or kill her.

Raul is one of the few companions who will not get fed up with your antics. He has a mostly neutral opinion on all the factions of the Mojave, making him a better companion for those doing aLegion playthrough.

After freeing him, if you do not wish to have Raul join you just yet, he will return to his shack.
Raul’s shack can be found North of Vault 34 and to the west of the Brotherhood of Steel Safehouse.

🤠Regular Maintenance🤠

With Raul’s Regular Maintenance perk, your weapons and armor will degrade 50% slower than usual.
Raul also possesses a 100 repair skill, however, he will only preform repairs at his shack, at full price, and only when he is not a companion.

🤠Old School Ghoul🤠

Raul’s Companion quest is an unmarked quest that will give the player no XP on completing, however will give Raul extra perks and armor.
To trigger this quest, Raul must be an active companion when the Courier speaks to

  • Ranger Andy in Novac
  • Corporal Sterling in Camp McCarran (or Camp Forlorn Hope, if Three Card Bounty is completed)
  • Loyal at Nellis Air Force Base

After you are done speaking to each one Raul will start a dialogue with you about his observations of the older men and his own personal history

Once the Courier speaks to the three men and Raul has spoken about them, Raul will then question whether he should return to his days as a gunslinging Vaquero, or to return to a quieter life of maintenance. Depending on your dialogue responses, or passing a Speech skill of 66 or more, he will choose.

🤠Old Vaquero🤠

If the Courier has helped convince Raul to return to his old ways, Raul will receive the Old Vaquero perk, which increases his rate of fire with revolvers and lever action rifles by 33%, which pairs well if the Courier has the Cowboy perk.
Raul will also change into his Vaquero outfit. He will still provide his Regular Maintenance perk to the Courier.

🤠Full Maintenance🤠

If the Courier has helped convince Raul to continue his life of maintenance, Raul’s Regular Maintenance perk will be replaced by the Full Maintenance perk, adding 25% to the original perk, making weapons and armor degrade 75% slower than usual.
Raul will also receive the Armored Petro-Chico outfit.

V-Lily Bowen

  • 1st Location- Jacobstown
  • Companion Quests-Lily and Leo
  • Initial Perk- Stealth Girl
  • Initial Affiliation- Jacobstown


Lily can be found tending to the bighorns roaming around Jacobstown. It isn’t necessary, but Lily will join your party if you are actively doing the quest Guess Who I Saw Today, aiding the Courier throughout the quest.

Like Raul,ED-E and Rex, Lily will not part with the Courier based on faction alliance, aiding them no matter what side the Courier fights on.

🌸Stealth Girl🌸

With the Stealth Girl perk, Couriers using Stealth Boy’s will see them last twice as long as well as giving 10% extra damage to Sneak Critical Attacks when preformed. Though it isn’t marked, the 10% buff applies to all Critical Hits, not just sneak.

When Crouching, Lily will activate a permanent Stealth Boy for as long as you remain in sneak mode.

🌸Lily and Leo🌸

As Lily is your active companion, the Courier will begin to hear a recording of children greeting their grandmother, which will signal the start of Lily’s quest.
The recording will occur once:

  • The Courier has talked to Lily about her secondary personality, Leo, in her Dialogue tree
  • The Courier sleeps,waits,or fast travels to a different location.
  • The Courier has witnessed her taking her medication and then speaking to her about it. once she is witnessed doing it, the option will be found when talking to her again to ask about her medication.
  • The Courier witnesses a psychotic break during combat, typically when her health is reduced by half or less. (The Courier themselves can damage her to cause this breakdown without the need for combat) Once the breakdown is finished, she will have a new option in her dialogue tree.

Once the Courier listens to the entire recording of her grandchildren greeting her, talking to Lily and asking questions about her will lead to you discovering that she is only taking half of her recommended dosage. The Courier is now given a choice to make, Which will effect Lily for the rest of the game

  • The Courier can recommend that Lily quit taking her medication.Upon doing so, Lily will suffer psychotic breaks when reduced to half HP, and her Melee Weapon skill will be set to 100
  • The Courier can recommend that Lily continue taking her dosage at half. She will continue to suffer a psychotic break when reduced to 25% HP, but will be able to calm herself if the player enters sneak mode, causing her to activate her stealth boy.
  • The Courier can recommend that Lily take the full dosage.She will cease suffering psychotic breaks, however her Melee Weapons skill will be permanently set to 60.

VI-Rose of Sharon Cassidy


  • 1st Location- Mojave Outpost
  • Companion Quests-Heartache by the Number,You Can Depend on Me
  • Initial Perk- Whiskey Rose
  • Initial Affiliation- Cassidy Caravans

🥃Recruitment,Resentment,You Can Depend on Me🥃

Completing the first part of Cass’ personal quest,Heartache by the Number, will help recruit her as a companion. upon first speaking to her at the Mojave Outpost, Cass is stuck there due to her Caravan Papers. She will direct the Courier to speak to Alice McLafferty at the Crimson Caravan Company. Upon speaking to her will start the side quest You Can Depend on Me.
After the courier completes multiple tasks (Delivering an invoce to Dr Hildern, convincing Henry Jamison to quit the C.C.C.,) McLafferty will task the Courier to buy Cassidy Caravans from Cass. there are multiple ways to do so;

  • Passing a Barter check of at least 50, the Courier can add an extra 750 to the deal.
  • Passing a Barter check of at least 75, the Courier can challenge to drink for the deed. The Courier will then be instructed to grab at least twelve bottles of whiskey. The ensuing dialogue will change depending on your Endurance and addiction status. Regardless, at the end she will decide to sell.
  • Passing a Speech check of at least 50, the Courier can remind her that the outpost is a terrible place to be trapped inside. She will agree, but still be held stuck by Ranger Jackson, unless the Courier has completed the quest Can You Find it in Your Heart?.
  • Passing a Speech check of at least 75, the Courier can remind her that she alone is responsible for the destruction of her caravan, provoking her thoughts on selling it.

Once Cassidy Caravan’s is sold, Cass can be picked up as a companion.

Cass is a reluctant supporter of the New California Republic. She will be openly hostile if the NCR has labeled the Courier as a terrorist, however will stay by your side if she is already your companion.

If Cass is a companion and the Courier opens a dialogue with her while having negative karma, she will complain about the Couriers behavior. passing a 65 Speech check will convince her that you will improve your demeanor.
She will issue another warning if you speak to her with even less karma, forcing another speech check
After the third speech check with even lower karma, Cass will automatically leave, with no way to convince her otherwise.

🥃Whiskey Rose🥃

With Cass in your Party, the Courier can consume alcoholic beverages en masse with no negative effects, including addiction penalties.Consuming whiskey will also have the ability to raise their Damage Threshold by 2-6 points, and Wasteland Tequila raising by 3-9 points, based on the Courier’s Survival skill level.

🥃Heartache by the Number🥃

After recruiting her as a companion and with neutral karma or higher, the Courier can ask her what she’d like to do next. she will request to pay her respects at the wreckage of her now lost Caravan.
The Cassidy Caravan wreckage is located southwest of the Grub n’ Gulp rest stop. As she sifts through the wreckage she will find things suspicious, and suggest visiting a nearby caravan that was also hit.
The next stop, the Griffin Wares’ caravan wreckage, can be located southwest of the abandoned Horowitz farmstead. There will be spotted multiple ash piles, along with a map to another spot. (the map will be found by Cass, there is no map to find in the area by the Courier themselves.)
The final stop is Durable Dunn’s sacked caravan, located northeast of the east pump station.
At the sacked caravan will be the corpses of a Crimson Caravan guard and a Van Graff thug. Cass will deduce that the Crimson Caravan Company and the Silver Rush colluded to kill off caravan competition. She will initially wish to kill but Alice McLafferty and Gloria Van Graff.
One can Decide to intervene with Cass’ wishes and offer a peaceful soltution to bring them to justice, or the Courier can agree and help her get revenge. The Following Choices will affect Cass’ for the rest of the game

The Peaceful Solution requires evidence of both the Van Graff’s and C.C.C.’s motives.
Located in the safe next to Alice McLafferty’s desk will be a holotape of the Crimson Caravan- Van Graff agreement. Passing a 50 lockpick skill or picking McLafferty’s safe key off her are the only ways to unlock the safe.
It is easier at night to obtain the holotape, as the office building will remain relatively empty throughout the night, and Alice McLafferty will be sleeping with the other C.C.C. employees.

The Silver Rush safe is behind a 75 skill locked door, opened either by passing the lockpick check or picking a key off of any Van Graff member at the Silver Rush.
Behind the door is the safe, locked with another 75 skill lock. The safe can be opened either by picking the lock or unlocking it through the terminal next to it, locked with a 75 science skill check.
Once the safe is opened, another copy of the agreement will be inside.
Due to the end of the quest Birds of a Feather, Jean-Baptiste Cutting will turn hostile if left in the same room as Cass. It’s much better to ask her to wait outside the building while sneaking in to grab the holotape.
Once both tapes are recovered, they can be taken in to Ranger Jackson. the evidence will be passed on to the NCR government. Once talking to Cass, The quest will end, granting the Courier 500 XP and giving Cass the Calm Heart perk.

Helping Cass Violently end the problem is much simpler by going to both areas and wiping them out. A shootout is likely to happen in the Silver Rush, as Gloria Van Graff is surrounded by armed guards.
The Crimson Caravan Company, however, can remain neutral to the Courier if one sneak kills Alice McLafferty. This can be done as she sleeps in the barracks.
Once both women are dead, speaking to Cass will conclude the quest, giving the Courier 500 XP, and giving Cass the Hand of Vengance perk.

🥃Calm Heart/Hand of Vengance🥃
  • If Cass resolves the situation peacefully with the Courier’s help, the Calm Heart Perk grants Cass an extra 50 HP
  • If the Courier helps Cass violently end the problem, Cass will be given the Hand of Vengeance perk, granting her a 15% increase in Cass’ effectiveness with guns.[

There is a way both perks can be gained in one play through, by collecting and turning in the holotapes to Ranger Jackson, then going back and killing them.


  • 1st Location- Primm
  • Companion Quests-ED-E My Love!
  • Initial Perk- Enhanced Sensors
  • Initial Affiliation- The Courier, The Enclave


ED-E is first found, broken, in the Nash residence in Primm, which is also the Primm Branch of the Mojave Express.
Speaking to Johnson Nash about the robot, he will suggest taking it to the junkyard near Novac.
Nash will be inside the Vikki and Vance Casino when first met, only moving back into his home once the convicts roaming in Primm are wiped out.
ED-E can also be repaired without speaking to Nash whatsoever

Examining ED-E will reveal ways to repair him;

  • A repair skill of 65, or Science skill of 55(lowering the Repair check to 35)
  • Or, 1 Scrap electronics, 3 scrap metals, and 2 sensor modules.

Once ED-E is repaired, his companion protocol can be opened and enabled.

🤖Enhanced Sensors🤖

ED-E’s Perk, Enhanced Sensors will extend the Courier’s detection radius to that of a Courier with a full 10 in Perception. It will also allow the Courier to detect cloaked enemies while entering V.A.T.S.
This perk is useful if Boone is also in your party, pairing well with his Spotter Perk.

🤖ED-E My Love!🤖

ED-E’s companion quest will be triggered upon first interacting with his broken self or by speaking about him to Johnson Nash.
After recruiting him, while traveling with ED-E, a pre-recorded message in his databanks will be triggered, specific words and phrases found in the dialogue of different people you may interact with. usually when speaking to someone who was in or talks about the Enclave or someone talking about different technology
To Trigger ED-E’s First Recording, talk to any one of the following people:

  • The NCR Troopers outside HELIOS One
  • Old Lady Gibson at the Gibson Scrap Yard
  • Ignacio Rivas at HELIOS One
  • Knight Torres at the Brotherhood Of Steel armory in Hidden Valley
  • Apprentice Watkins at Hidden Valley
  • Doctor Henry in the Jacobstown lodge
  • Colonel Moore inside the Hoover Dam offices
  • Mr.House, when speaking of the Brotherhood of Steel
  • Quartermaster Mayes at Camp Forlorn Hope.
  • Dr Thomas Hildern at Camp McCarran.
  • Michael Angelo at his workshop on the New Vegas Strip.

After talking to any of these individuals and exhausting their Dialogue will trigger ED-E’s first message Recording. ED-E will not react to the further triggers until at least 5 in game days have passed.
To trigger ED-E’s second audio log, do any of the following:

  • Listen to the Brotherhood Scribe teaching his class in Hidden Valley
  • Speak to Michael Angelo about his inspiration ( also triggering the quest Classic Inspiration)
  • Speaking to Veronica while completing her quest I Could Make You Care
  • Interacting with the members of the Brotherhood of Steel.
  • Speaking to Ignacio Rivas, Dr. Hildern, or Apprentice Watkins if you haven’t already to trigger the first keyword.

The second recording file will play soon after. Once two more in game days have passed, the Courier will be contacted by both Senior Knight Lorenzo of the Brotherhood, and April Martimer of the Followers of the Apocalypse. Both Factions will be asking ED-E be brought to them to be examined. The Courier can Choose to bring ED-E to Hidden Valley or to the Old Mormon Fort, affecting ED-E for the rest of the game.

If ED-E is taken to Hidden Valley, The brotherhood will upgrade ED-E’s armor as compensation for the databanks regarding Poseidon Energy research.
ED-E’s damage threshold of 8 will be boosted by 12, giving ED-E a total of 20 DT.

If ED-E is taken to the Old Mormon Fort The Followers will upgrade ED-Es weapon system as compensation for the data that can help the future. This will give ED-E an extra laser zapper to use at short-medium range.

Regardless, ED-E will return to Primm after 3-4 days, with a completely cleaned metallic body.

🤖Camarader-E (Lonesome Road)🤖

ED-E is an important character in the plot of the Lonesome Road DLC, and finding destroyed eyebots across the Divide will grant ED-E new upgrades with the Camarader-E perk.

  • Rank 1-Daily dialogue option to repair weapons by 25%
  • Rank 2-Energy/Microfusion cell manufacturing, being able to receive 20 of the chosen type per day.
  • Rank 3-+2 DT Increase for both ED-E and the Courier.
  • Rank 4- Damage Bonus of +5 for ED-E and any beam weapon the Courier uses
  • Rank 5-V.A.T.S. targeting bonus of +5% for both player and ED-E

Finding all 5 will also grant the achievement ED-Ecated


  • 1st Location- The King’s School of Impersonation
  • Companion Quests-Nothin’ But A Hound Dog
  • Initial Perk-Search and Mark
  • Initial Affiliation- The King


Talking to the King and asking him about Rex, he will explain that he is sick. He will request that the Courier speak to Julie Farkas at the Old Mormon Fort. This will also start Rex’s companion quest,Nothin’ But A Hound Dog
She will reveal that Rex is suffering from neural degradation, and that Dr Henry can help fix him. Once telling the King you can help Rex, he will allow you to recruit Rex as a companion.

🦴 Search And Mark🦴

With Rex in your Party, his Search and Mark perk will highlight usable items when you are zoomed in, including contiainers
This applies to food,chems,ammunition and weapons within a short distance of the player and Rex.

🦴Nothin’ But A Hound Dog🦴

After obtaining Rex, the Courier is tasked to head to Dr Henry, who will ask you to find a healthy dog brain to replace Rex’s sick one. there are three possible choices, Which Alter the end quest Perk Rex will receive.

  • The First Brain is found in the Fort. Talking to Antony about Lupa, you can ask for her brain. Antony will request she is given an honorable death, forcing the Courier to fight Lupa in the arena with only a machete. Once killed, her brain will be rewarded to you.
  • The Second Brain is found at the Gibson Scrap Yard. Old Lady Gibson will ask the Courier for 700 Caps in exchange for the brain of her older guard dog, Rey. if the Courier can pass a 70 barter check, the brain will be obtained for free. (You can also just kill the dog yourself, if you don’t have 70 barter or 700 caps to spend on a dog brain.)
  • The Final Brain is found in the Fiend camp near the Poseidon gas station, made of ruined trailers.The Fiend Violet and her boss guard dog Violetta will be immediately hostile towards the Courier. Once she is killed, Violetta’s brain can be harvested.

Once returning to Jacobstown, Dr Henry can preform brain transplant surgery on Rex with one of the brains above

  • Using Lupa’s brain in the transplant will give Rex the perk Blood of the Legion, increasing Rex’s Damage threshold by 10.
  • Using Violetta’s brain will grant him the perk Unshakeable Tracker, increasing his movement speed by 50%
  • Using Rey’s brain implant will give Rex the perk Faithful Protector, increasing his attack damage by 25%.

After the transplant is concluded, the Courier will receive 500 XP, and Rex will be healthy and able to continue travel with you.


Walking the Mojave is made much easier with the help of these 8 companions, their perks, and their different,vibrant personalities.
The quests they take you on and aid you in will help you gain experience and loot as you trek the wasteland

Find which one works best with your play style and have fun!