Castle Crashers® Guide

The Final Countdown for Castle Crashers

The Final Countdown


How to easily get The Final Countdown achievement.


When you’re in trouble, pause your game, the pause screen doesn’t completely hide the game screen and you’re able to see up to two squares in four directions to move.

Choose a route and memorize it’s color/button combination. Unpause and press the two buttons you choose as fast as you can, then pause inmediately. Repeat, until 2:30.



  • Look for maps without narrow paths. This way, you have more available options to move.
  • It can only be done in a local game, since you can’t pause online.
  • Don’t rush, you can have the game paused for as long as you want, so take your time.
  • If cornered, you can actually jump to an ocupied space, when the monster next to you is on the air (the middle of a jump), this requires some good reflexes, but this way, you can get away even without free blocks to move.