The Forest of Doom Guide

The Forest Of Doom Guide / Walkthru for The Forest of Doom

The Forest Of Doom Guide / Walkthru


A walkthru of Tin Man Games “The Forest Of Doom”.


Greetings adventurers! It’s off to the continent of Allansia again this time, for a classic FF forest adventure. There will be no assistance from the constellations this far from the Old World, so there’s gonna be plenty (well, a bit) of swordplay required here.

The fabled hammer of King Gillibran III has been stolen from the dwarves of Stonebridge and taken into the sinister Darkwood Forest. Without it Stonebridge cannot hope to fight off the hill trolls who are preparing an attack. Somebody must brave the dangers of Darkwood Forest and retrieve the hammer before it is too late!
This sounds like another perfect mission for the Analand Sorceress….


As you would expect from an Ian Livingstone title this game is potentially combat-heavy, altho if you follow the ideal walkthru it is actually remarkably easy. You begin with 30 g.p. which enables you to purchase several useful artefacts at the start, plus you still get some provisions and the traditional potion-of-your-choice.

In Adventurer mode this is a simple quest. Even in Hardcore Hero mode it should still be fairly straightforward, unless your starting stats are absolutely appalling.

Yaztromo’s Tower.

Choose the Potion Of Fortune before you start.

Follow him up the stairs.

Buy the following items:
Glove Of Missile Dexterity, Armband Of Strength, Garlic Buds, Holy Water & Potion Of Healing.
(A Potion Of Healing is the same as one provision and is used in the same way.)

Darkwood Forest – Part One.

Go east.
Ignore the crow and go north.
Hide and let them walk by.
Continue walking northwards up the path,

Examine the cave.
Pick up a rock and throw it at the ogre.
You possess a glove of missile dexterity.
Take a closer look at the creature in the cage.
Unlock the cage door.
Fight goblin: Sk 5 St 4
+ Hammer Handle, +1 luck
Leave the cave and continue northwards.

Luck test. Pass: ok, Fail: -5 g.p.
Continue walking north.
Go west.
Go west.
Hide in the tall grass.
Keep going west.
Enter the hut.
Accept the challenge.
You have an armband of strength.
+ Dust Of Levitation

Continue east.
Ignore the vultures and continue.
Cross the river by the stepping stones.

Darkwood Forest – Part Two.

You possess some Garlic Buds.
Continue north.
Luck test. Pass: ok, Fail: -3 sta
Attack the wild hill men: Sk 7 St 5, Sk 6 St 4
+ small silver key

Go west.
Continue west.
Walk quietly past him.
Ignore the hut.
Continue north.

Examine the building.
You have a small silver key.
Descend the stairs.
Light the candle.
Try to lift the stone slab.
You have Dust Of Levitation.
You have Holy Water. + Hammer Head, +25 g.p.

Hurry north along the path.
Give them what they want. (5 x 1 g.p.)

You have both pieces of the fabled hammer.

You have successfully completed your quest and saved the dwarves of Stonebridge. Yay!
+ gold helmet, +gems, +jewels