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the gods of muck for Muck

the gods of muck


IN muck their are gods here are most of them0. the great nothingbasically evolution 1. Dagneer the god of man and landDagneer is the god of man and land he created the islands then the men 2. infectios the god of corruption infectios is the god of corruption he wanted more power so he tried to corrupt the men with his mutants but men fought back and won but many of them became zombie caveman3. aquaretos the god of wateraquaretos made the water surrounding to island4. eremiy the god of natureeremiy made the trees and the grass and the apples and cows5. jarlemkagnook the god of rockjarlemkagnook made all the rocks including lil’chunk and your mo-I mean big chonk6. digroj the god of dinodigroj made the 4 dinosaurs to kill the humans7. orgalorg the god of dragonsorgalorg made to dragons because he could8. J E F F the god of the universe J E F F made the universe 9. magola the god of the sky magola made the sky10. lisgopu the god of lifelisgopu keeps thing liveing11. deyka the god of deathhe lets things die