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The Last of Us - How to make your character LOOK LIKE JOEL for Fallout: New Vegas

The Last of Us – How to make your character LOOK LIKE JOEL


This is a guide to give you The Last of Us feeling into New Vegas, considering the fact no one has bothered to make a mod feat TLoU on to Fallout


Age doesnt matter in fallout, but with this it DOES, the screenshot explains

Hair style

considering the fact that finding Joels exact hair style is well, difficult, this is the closest to get to, High-Riser hair style fits it

Facial Hair

Well obviously we all know you cant get he exact looks but the closest is Survivalist

Hair colour

well, Steel colour could do it if you want to play Fallout ASAP but finding the precise colour can make it more real (bit of black and grey)


Theres noooo way you can get Joels exact overalls but you can get a backpack close to his. as previewed on this picture, this is the closest to ever getting a good Joel Equiptment: Hunting Shotgun, Leather backpack (found by killing a merchant, i dont actually know if you need a DLC for it), Armored duster and 9mm pistol(GRA) <- because 9mm sucks and if you want it even better download Realistic gun damage from www.nexusmods.com