Fallout: New Vegas Guide

The Legend of the Star achivement guide + Unique weapon and bottle caps. for Fallout: New Vegas

The Legend of the Star achivement guide + Unique weapon and bottle caps.


This tutorial will show you how to obtain The Legend of the Star achivement and will also give you some unique weapons


So you may be looking at your achivement list and see “The Legend of the Star” achivement. You’re gonna need it if you want to complete Fallout New Vegas 100%. Now this is definatly one of the harder achivements to obtain, Not because of hard enemies but the fact that it takes time to collect all caps to obtain this achivement. But if you just follow this guide you will be rolling in caps in no time!


Opening SS bottles has a 5% chance of giving you a star bottle cap. Although it is thought to be true, the Luck skill has nothing to do with the rate of star bottle caps appearing when SS is drunk.

The First Two Caps

The First two caps are easy to obtain
and can be found in good ol’ Goodsprings! Note: Collect all S.S. Bottles you find on your travels we will need them later!

The first one can be found in a house
close to the abandoned schoolhouse.

Enter the house and go to
the kitchen it will be right on
the counter next to the toaster
and a few empty bottles. That’s
number one! Only 49 to go!

The second the bottle cap is in
the house next to the general
store. Once inside go to the
master bedroom go to the
chess set. Next to it you
will find a star bottle

Number 3

Next up is number 3. This is also located near Goodsprings. To get this you will have to fight your way through some Cyotes but that shouldn’t be too hard for you!
This one is right between two bottles in a small crate.

Number 4

The Fourth Cap is just down the road from Goodsprings at Jean’s Skydiving Shack
Once inside the shack find the cap beside the desk. There is also a key for the locker at the back for some sweet sweet loot!

Number 5 and 6

Number 5 is in The Bison Steve Hotel. Watch out for enemies! As you enter go straight ahead and go left. In the long corridoor look at the tables on the left there you will find the bottle cap. Number 6 is inside a house at the south side of town. Find it inside the house. YOU WILL HAVE TO STEAL IT

Malcolm Holmes

When collecting caps you will be approached by a man named Malcom Holmes. He will say that he has been following you for a while. He will say that he has no caps… Ignore that and take out your trusty hunting rifle at blast that sucka!. Takes his Star Caps to add to your collection.

Number 13

The Next Bottle Cap is found inside a cell at the Nevada Highway Patrol Staition. Right next to the dead body. The enemies are quite difficult to take on your own at low levels but you can take them down. Take the Hydra from the desk and move on.

Number 14

This is found at a gas staition. To get inside you must kill a few scorpians. Nothing too hard! The cap is right next to the cash register.


As you move along the road you will see two people shooting at each other. In my case it was Jacklyn who survived and she approached me. With a high intelligence you can see through her lies and she attacks you. Kill her and take her caps. You may not meet Jacklyn but you might meet another man (Tomas) who has a “Lucky necklace”. You can obtain the necklace by either:

Using the Terrifying Presence perk and obtaining the necklace for free without a karma penalty

Passing a speech challenge (50). Warning failing this challenge results in Tomas turning hostile.

Killing Tomas and looting the necklace from the corpse

Number 24

As you reach Nipton the first house on the right is the place you need to go.
In the master bedroom on the broken bookshelf will be the next cap.

Number 25

The next cap is in Novac. Next to No-Bark’s shack is a house. Enter it. On a table should be the next cap.

Number 26

In the Dino-Lite motel on the second floor at the far end from the lobby/office. Enter that room. Next to a broken TV and some noodles is the next cap. WARNING YOU MUST STEAL THIS CAP

Number 27

Now we are going to Sloan BEWARE OF DEATHCLAWS WHEN APPROACHING Go into the mess hall and find this cap on the table with the lantern.

Number 28

This is also gonna be tricky. Make your way up Black Mountain. I would advise getting Boone and gearing up before you go here because unlike Sloan the Super Mutants are very hard to avoid and you will have to take on a few. Inside Tabitha’s storage shed find the bottle cap behind the dummy on the shelf.

Number 29

There is a place called Hunter’s farm. It is quite hard to find but if you Carefully follow the road closer to the strip from Sloan you will see it surrounded by Gecko’s or Powder Gangers. Inside there is a cluster of caps. Spam [E] and you will eventully pick up 2 star caps.

Number 30!

We are close! REPCON HEADQUARTERS is the next place. In the gift shop you will find this on the counter.

Number 31

This is also in REPCON. First unlock the door to your right as you come in. As you enter make sure you obtain the access to the floor. It will be on the middle furthest terminal from the door by the side.

Number 32 and 33

For this one you will need high science or a ton of bullets. Go to either executive offices and collect a cap from the bookcase or the desk

Number 34,35 and 36

To get 3 easy caps go to camp Golf. If your rep is bad with the NCR bring some large firepower because this place is heavily forified. Upstairs go to the right corridor. In the first bedroom obtain the caps in the pictures above.

Number 37

Enter the Gibson Scrap Yard Garage. Turn right as you enter through the door near the tires. In the corner you will find the cap

Number 38

This is one of the hard parts. Near Camp Golf there is a Shack. To get to it you must kill lots of Cazadores. Even with a team of 3 Brotherhood Troopers we still struggled to take them down. Once inside go to the basement. Inside the basement you will find lots of caps. Take them all and you will obtain 3 star bottle caps.

Number 39+

Here are all my S.S. Bottles I found on my travels… Not much. Drink all these bottles now. When I did it I got to 43 bottle caps. If you didn’t get this amount go to the S.S. Headquarters and go to the factory area and take all the S.S. bottles.

Number 44

To get this cap go to Callville Bay which is full of Cazadors so good luck. Near the beach area is a shack called Captian Dean’s Boat rentals inside you will find the caps you need. One is by some bottles in a broken shelf and one by the cash register.

Number 45

Near Novac there is the El Derado Service and Gas staition. Kill the bandits around it and enter it. The Cap is by the Cash Register

Number 46

The Grab an’ Gulp tuck shop is the next place to get your cap. The people here may be hostile if you are not good rep with the NCR. Kill them if you have to. The cap is on a plate on a bench.

Number 47 and 48

2 Are inside Bitter Springs Recreational Area inside a shack on a table with a ham radio.

The Last Few…

The last few will probobly be the hardest. I got one from Sergeant Daniel Contreras at Camp McCarran but, you can get some from Jacobstown or from the mercenary attacking Jacobstown. There is a snipers nest around Cottonwood Cove. Take the Cap and unlock the box to recive the Gobi Campain Scout Rifle! Unless you are already at 50 then skip this step.

The Hand In

You have all 50 caps and are ready to go get your reward. Go to the S.S. Headquarters.Once inside go to the machine in the corner and talk to festus. Deposit all your caps to him and he will tell you the story of S.S. Then ask him “IS THAT IT?” You will also fail the current quest. It will initiate a new quest which would be to claim your reward. Now navigate S.S. Headquarters to find the double red doors


In all the boxes you will find around 1500 bottle caps. To get the achivement you must pick up the holotape from the man in the corner. Also pick up the gun Pew-pew. It is a powerful lazer pistol which can drain your ammo fast.


Thank you for reading this guide. Please fav it if you liked it took me a long time to make. If you want to get the Snow Globe achivement check out my friends guide. Also thank you for the creators of Enclave Commander who protected my when I made this!