No More Room in Hell Guide

The New Bible. Survival 101. for No More Room in Hell

The New Bible. Survival 101.


Turns out there was room back in Hell. But they don’t want to go back. Send them back, with the new Bible.

Section I. The Great Plauge

And now, a reading from the new Bible, according to the new world.
Fear, speard through out the land. Death, is around every corner. Infection, is everywhere.
You, surviour, shall wonder across the land. You shall meet, new allies. You shall help, stop the plauge and thus, help send these demons, back, to, Hell.

Let us Pray…

Section II. The Foul Demons

There are sevral foul Demons you shall encounter in your journeys. Do not come in contact with them, and stay clear.

These foul Demons are as Follows…

The Walker’s
These Foul Demons are found everywhere. They are the most common types you shall see. They will try to kill you at all costs, attack in large hordes and will follow you until you are nothing but fresh meat.

The Runner’s
They are like the normal ones, expect they are much, much faster. They will run at you at great speed, and attack at high speeds. Be thankful, my child, as they are a rare Zombie. But are still deadly in packs.

The Crawlers
These Demons, have lost there ability to walk, and must crawl for there survival. Do not worry, as they are very slow. However, as they are on the ground, they are harder to detect, especially in hordes. You must also duck to strike at them, making them harder to hit.

The Soilders
These Demons have served in the army, but never gained there eternal peace. They are another common type, but what is diffrent from them is that there body armour make them harder to kill, and takes more then one bullet to kill them from a blow to the head.

The Young Fallen
Alas, our young ones, that we care for so much, have fallen to this great darkness known as the great plauge. They are small, fast, and deadly. They will run at a spefic target. They are low in damage, but very hard to hit and hard to avoid.

Section III. Holy Items

Many must fight for there survivial. You shall too. This Bible, shall list all that you need, to exorcise all the foul demons you shall come upon!

Bashing – A very useful skill. When a Zombie gets too close of you, or grabs you, just simple bash them, and they will stagger backwards. Do note, however, that you can not repeat this over and over. We must wait before you can bash again.

Melee Weapons – (Legend located at the bottom)

Fists – W=0 – N=0 – CA=0 – M=Yes

Kitchen Knife – W=5 – N=4 – CA=2 – M=Yes

Hatchet – W=10 – N=2 – CA=2 – M=Yes

Fire Axe – W=40 – N=2 – CA=1 – M=No

Baseball Bat – W=20 – N=3 – CA=2 – M=No

Sledgehammer – W=40 – N=1 – CA=1 – M=No

Fubar – W=45 – N=1 – CA=1 – M=No

Pipe Wrench – W=8 – N=3 – CA=2 – M=Yes

Lead Pipe – W=20 – N=2 – CA=2 – M=Yes

Spade – W=30 – N=3 – CA=2 – M=No

Crowbar – W=20 – N=2 – CA=2 – M=Yes

Machete – W=10 – N=2 – CA=2 – M=Yes

Chainsaw – W=60 – N=Insant – CA=Instant – M=No

E-Tool – W=20 – N=3 – CA=2 – M=No (Note: The E-Tool has two modes. First mode (Shovel part down) has a greater chance to knock back zombies (Shovel part up) is like a attack mode, giving a large range and machete like power)

(Legend: W= Weight. AI = Attack interval. N= Normal attack (Amount of hits needed to kill). CA=Charged. M=light)

Section III. Cleansing

It’s all about the nuns and guns. You milady, we rely on you, don’t be an idiot and pour holy water on them, grab your damn shotgun and pull the trigger at those atrocious little blood-suckers. Make Nuns Great Again!

You wanna be a nun? Don’t be stupid enough to run into hordes of those blood-suckers and don’t hide in corners. You gotta run that boney behind of yours to the speed of Usain Bolt!

Section IV. Exorcism

Pope Francis approves of exorcism. Make him proud and kill the zombies in honor for him. Be the vigilante you are and speak of his words “And by the power of Christ, I cast you out unclean spirit, leave them forevermore, I command you to be gone in, the name of the Lord!”

Just know, Pope Francis will be watching you, so don’t get infected or he’ll be very disappointed in you, you feral beast.

Section V. Celebration

I applaud you good sir! Now you’re all in for a celebration, grab out your favorite taste of a vodka bottle and let’s get drunk. Or get a hangover… That works too. But at least do it inside where all the windows and doors are locked and barricaded.

Section VI. Failure!

Willy Wonka will be very disappointed in you if you fail. He could feel your shame and sadness all the way from Heaven. You’re not even trying at all, you’re just ramming into all those unpleasant vampires like a bulldozer as if you thought you weren’t going to get grabbed.

Well, you sir are wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong! You failed us all! You are such a disappointment. Shame on you! You failed us all by dying in the hands of zombies that are paraplegic and are easy to kill. Honestly.