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The Nuzlocke Challenge: New Vegas Edition for Fallout: New Vegas

The Nuzlocke Challenge: New Vegas Edition


Inspired by the Pokémon challenge of the same name[bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net], this challenge introduces some stipulations so as to drive players to use weapons/apparel they otherwise may not have used/considered using.

Rule 1

Only pick up the first weapon and first piece of apparel you encounter (whether it be lying on the ground, from a kill, or bought*) in every unique area. What an area is defined as can be adjusted as seen fit, but it generally means every map marker and interior section counts as an area. Apply common sense as needed. You are not permitted to skip weapons and armor if you still have enough inventory space to carry them. This does not apply to aid (chems, food) or ammo.
You may have to skip out on unique weapons/apparel if they are not the first weapon/piece of apparel found.
*Whether or not you can buy from vendors depends on the player’s interpretation of the rules

Rule 2

You are only permitted to use quicksave. Do not load any autosave or manual save.

Rule 3

You must have hardcore mode enabled.

Rule 4

When something breaks, it is done for good and either must be dropped on the spot or placed in a player-owned non-respawning container. You are still permitted to repair your gear (so as to not nullify an entire skill) as long as it is not completely broken.


Because challenge runs make you play differently. Instead of lapsing into monotonous playthroughs obtaining the same gear over and over, you’re forced to rely on some luck to get anything worthwhile. After getting through the initial slog of half-broken powder ganger/raider apparel you’ll eventually find some decent gear which feels pretty good. Also, having to rely on quicksave makes everything fairly risky but when the risk pays off it also feels pretty good. You may even become a little attached to your ragtag assembly of guns. Ultimately it’s more difficult and perhaps even a bit frustrating for a little video game but it’s rewarding in the end because you’ve done something different. Have fun!