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The Ultimate Guide to Courtesy for Castle Crashers

The Ultimate Guide to Courtesy


This guide is here to instruct the noobs and criticize the a**holes! This is a guide to common courtesy when playing with people you don’t know, and how to distinguish a noob from an a**hole.

Distinguishing between a noob and a jerk

When playing with strangers on a public server, you get a LOT of idiots. The category “Idiots” includes noobs and jerks. “Noob” is short for newbie. What makes a noob different from a jerk is (obviously) intention, which can be difficult to determine with Castle Crashers’ limited communication. (More on that later.) However, it can all be done before the game even begins! Pay close attention when other players cycle through their characters. If they only have the four basic knights and a few others (DLC, thief, barbarian, conehead, etc.) and one/no white skulls, they are a noob. If they have many characters or multiple white skulls, there is a potential that they are a jerk.

Tendencies of a Noob

Tendencies of a Noob:
-A noob will usually select his best character, which usually does not have a white skull. This eliminates the possibility of doing insane mode, which can be very irritating if you are not the operator.
-Once a noob has selected his character, he doesn’t change it.
-A noob will only press enter ONCE, which means that until he gets a clue, everybody waits a minute (or more!).
-A noob always falls during battle and never has any potions
-In extreme cases (and I have seen this happen before) a noob does not use any of his upgrade points, even going as far as level 8 without using them. Sometimes, however, this is a sign of someone more experienced who is saving their points to gain more experience.
-Can’t combo-lock or juggle
-Thinks that arrow magic is the greatest
-And a whole lot more, add your ideas in the comments

Here I have provided an image of a noob who has pressed enter only once and has selected his best character. Please note that this is not a REAL noob, and in this situation there would be more players (including you) who would likely share your anger.

From the Comments:
-Another tendency of a noob is to join the game, go into a level, then realize he sucks at the game and leave. (suggested by U-Knighted)
-noobs will choose level ones while you have a level 20-40ish with a white skull, then instantly go to the final boss, hoping to unlock a character with the level one (suggested by U-Knighted)
-having max magic and no agility/defense, always holding the fire sword, and the install ball (suggested by U-Knighted)
-Also, if you are fighting a boss, noobs will charge in with no strategies. I know this from past experiences. (suggested by MutantCookieMan)

Tendencies of a Jerk

Tendencies of a Jerk:
-Plays as red knight and spams splash magic on you in PvP, also uses Rammy
-Has beaten the game several times
-May decide to play as a low-level character despite 3 other white skulls (char selection) Jerks who do this know that everyone wants to play insane mode.
-Never presses enter twice for green checkmark, if there is countdown he will switch character at last second (char selection)
-may decide to avoid fighting so other players do all the work
-takes all gold and food even if he doesn’t need it
-may lead players to final boss battle for trolling purposes ONLY (because the final boss battle is tedious and overplayed on all castle crashers games)
-if he plays as white skull, he does not vote to enter insane mode
-steals juggles, disrupts combo-locking, arrow spams when you try to melee, may also guide boss to attack you
-if he is server operator he will leave just before save point
-There are more tendencies, but you have to add them in the comments
-“Going through the final castle and spamming the same boss fights you have already done is a jerk move i have had to endure before. That is an unlikely case though because if you even get near the castle i am sure they will go for the final boss anyways.” (FineDandy)

Advanced Voice Communications Technology

Castle Crashers has capability for voice chat! However, turning it on requires some digging through the menus. You can find it tho (I’m too lazy lol). However, it is pretty d*mn close to useless because NOBODY turns it on. This makes good communication and strategizing almost impossible in-game.

How to be good at being good

-Remember, you need to press enter twice when you have made a character selection.
-If you are not the server op, try to follow the operator – if he has a white skull character, you should be using one too because this probably means you will be doing insane mode. If everyone wants to play insane mode except for you, please find a different game and let them have their fun.
-Be decisive. Do not re-select your character once you have a green checkmark.
-If you do not need fruit, do not eat it!
-If you are using Hawkster, you can guide fruit to other people who may need it more than you.
-Do not arrow spam an enemy that someone else is trying to melee! This disrupts their actions.
-You can kick incompetent players as the server operator. Go to Players in the pause menu and press X when you have selected the one you want to kick. Don’t worry, you won’t look like an a**hole because the game makes no mention of “kicking” to other players – it only says they left.
-Do not disrupt somebody who is trying to combo-lock or somebody who has a juggle.
-If you have enough money already, don’t take more.
-If somebody is failing miserably, you can help them out. For example, they are trying to juggle barbarians but they keep dropping them. You can “courteously interfere” and steal their juggle – but don’t “help” them too often or they will feel suppressed.
-Do not go directly to the final boss battle for no reason, it is a tedious boss battle and we’ve seen enough of it already.
-Help other players up if they fall, but don’t put yourself in danger to do so.
-If you meet somebody who plays well, you might want to add him as a friend in Steam so you can play again later.
-Add whatever other “actions of courtesy” that you think of in the comments