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The Ultimate Muck Guide (Easy Mode) for Muck

The Ultimate Muck Guide (Easy Mode)


This guide will show you, start to finish, how to beat Muck on easy mode. (because i suck too much to beat it on normal or gamer ;-;)– Disclaimer: I will not be covering things such as fighting techniques for regular mobs, this is only for strategies and boss fighting techniques. —

Day 1

First, you will spawn into the world. Start grabbing rocks, and chopping down trees. Make a crafting bench by clicking “tab” and clicking on the crafting bench on the right side of the inventory, and gather the necessary materials to make your first pickaxe and axe. At this point, you should see some of those white towers that are about as tall as you, scattered across the map. Go up to them, and spawn the 3 random buff mobs that it will spawn, and swing your pickaxe at them for the most damage. This will allow you to get coins, as well as a power-up that will help you later on. (If for some reason, you spawn the totem and get bosses, just give up and restart because there is almost no way you’re going to win at this point.)

Now, you should have a few coins, go ahead and find a chest to open and gain a power-up. There are some chests that are free, and they are the ones that have black borders. Make sure to pick up any rocks and mushrooms you see around the map.
There are also huts scattered across the map, try to explore and find them all. These will carry some useful items in them, and the one that will help you the most right now is the Smith’s Hut. This will allow you to obtain a gold pickaxe very early in the game, and you can start Mining Mithril almost immediately.

Day 2


I will not cover the night, because night 1 is fairly easy to survive.
(this step is only for those who did not find the Smith’s hut yet.)

for day 2, start this off with mining iron and smelting it using coal or wood. Coal can be found randomly across the map, and wood can be farmed from… well, you know… trees.
There really isn’t a need for you to make steel armor, just the tools, which can be made in an anvil that will need 5 steel bars and 15 rocks at a workbench. When you have the steel tools, start mining some Mithril.

Mithril is where you should probably start making some armor, unless you are a pretty decent Muck player. A full set of Mithril armor, as well as a sword, pickaxe, and axe, costs 60 Mithril bars, 10 Fir wood, and 5 bark.

Day 3


For day 3, you should have a decent amount of coins from the totems you fought, and a decent amount of power-ups from the totems and chests you have found, as well as a decent set of armor. (the full set of armor can either come earlier or later, you won’t be fighting any bosses until around night 4.)
There are statues that have the bosses on them, and are about your size. (not to be confused with revival statues.) These will be very helpful, as you are now going to have your first boss fight in your new gear! Find a Big Chunk statue, and start it by clicking “e” on it. Continue doing bosses, totems, and opening chests until night 6.


Make sure you are hitting Big Chunk with a pickaxe – it does a significant amount more damage than a sword or axe might do.
While fighting big chunk, you want to aim for his crotch area, right between his legs. This will allow you to swing your weapon and hit him multiple times in one swing.
Chunk has 2 attacks, one where he leaps into the air, smashing back down and sending rocks flying in different directions, and another one where he will sweep his club in front of him. To avoid the leap attack, simply jump over the rocks he sends at you, and get under him from behind. He will try turning to face you, this is where you want to go in circles to stay behind his back.
Dodging the other one is fairly simple, you just get behind him when he initiates the swing and you’ll be fine.

Night 6-11


Gronk also has 2 primary attacks, one that is a melee attack where he swings his swords in front of him for a few seconds, and one where he smashes the ground, sending swords zooming past you on the ground. The premise for him is the same, you just get behind him and start hitting him with a sword whenever he does his melee attack, and jump over his ranged attack. (He shouldn’t do his ranged attack if you are standing close to him, so just wait until he does his melee and then spring behind his back and do some damage to him.

NIGHT 6-11

Night 6 is when you get your first natural boss. From my experience, only either Big Chunk or Gronk can spawn on night 6, and they are both super easy once you know their attack patterns. If you did Gronk on a previous night, the one that might spawn on night 6 is much easier than that, so you should be fine. Continue collecting food (mainly meat from cows, then smelt that in a cauldron), mushrooms, coins, and Chunkium Ore. Chunkium ore is dropped by the Chunk you killed, and is smelted in the furnace and can give you the best set of armor in the game (40 bars is needed for the armor, and 15 for the hammer if you got a hammer shaft.). Go ahead and try to get as many upgrades and as much chunkium as you can in the following nights.

Night 13 – 25(ish)

NIGHT 13 – (about)25

Throughout these nights, you should have collected a pretty good amount of power-ups and gear. The main power-ups you want to make sure you have before fighting the dragon are Crimson Dagger (10), Dracula (pretty much just around 300-600 HP), Red Pills, Blue Pills, Juice (5), Orange Juice (5), Berserk (2), and Sniper Scope (1). If you don’t have these, do not continue until you find them.

The boat will take a lot of various resources to repair, and by now, you should have already found the boat. I will not be covering all of the necessary materials to repair the boat, besides the Gems. These gems are drops from the Guardians that you challenge via statue. They will show up on your map if you have obtained a Gem Map. Before setting sail, make sure you have some kind of bow, preferably an Ancient Bow, (Ancient bones are a rare drop by goblins that can be crafted into an Ancient Bow with some rope and the ancient bone in the Fletching Table.) and a decent supply of arrows. — TO FIRE ARROWS, MAKE SURE YOU EQUIP THEM IN THE ARROW SLOT IN YOUR INVENTORY! —
Now, it is the time you have been waiting for, it is time for you to set sail!


The final boss is a dragon, and is honestly pretty disappointing. you have at least 10 Crimson Daggers and 5 Juice, so you should be fine against it if you just go up and constantly hit it when it latches to the side of the boat. When it is flying around, it will shoot fireballs at you, simply dodge them and you will be okay. Make sure to be using your bow while it is flying, as that can take out a decently sized chunk of its health. Again, when it latches to the side of the boat, just go right up next to it and start swinging! If this somehow doesn’t work, try backing up on the boat and jumping over the fire it shoots at you. (if you have frogs, you will be able to just pretty much fly over it, but make sure not to fall off the boat.


if you liked the guide, let me know what you thought about it – what I could change, what I should keep. I really want to hear feedback on this because this is my first guide I have ever created.