Muck Guide

The Ultimate Muck Guide for Muck

The Ultimate Muck Guide


This Epic Guide Is Bound To Help You In Muck

The Right Generation seed

When You’re Making Your Muck World You want To Use The Seed: Sh*tsaladsandwich and Replace the * With an i Click start and Now You Have A World

When You Spawn

When You Spawn You Want to Race To The Nearby Pit Man Hut, Pick Up The Rocks And Mushrooms On The Way. When You Get There You Want To Get In It (Without Destroying It) And Grab The Steel Pick Axe In The Left Chest, After You Want To Exit The Hut And Use The Rocks To Cut Down 3 Trees. Craft A Crafting Bench And Place It On Top Of The Pit Man Hut. You Can Get To It By Jumping And Clicking E.The Crafting Bench Can’t Be Damaged By Normal Enemies. After Use The Crafting Bench To Craft 2 Tall Poles And Some Bark. After Use The Remaining Wood And The Bark To Make A Wooden Axe And Then Place Both Tall Poles And Then Place Them Inside The Door Frame (Make Sure You Can Still Get Out Of The Hut).

What To Do At Night

At Night Fight Of All The Enemies Using The Steel Pick axe Because Out Of All The Items You Should Have It Does The Most Damage.

What To Do On Day 1

On Day 1 Start Killing Some Cows For Raw Meat Until You Have 25 Pieces At Least.

What To Do After

After You Want To: IF Your Running Low On Meat Repeat The What To Do On Day 1 Section, EVERY Night Repeat The What To Do At Night Section, If You Die In Single Player You Want To Retry And If You Die In Multi Player Wait Until Someone Revives You, If All The Players Die In Multi Player Retry.

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