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This is the way to become King of Caladria for Mount & Blade

This is the way to become King of Caladria


Although many guides tell you how to become King in MB they don’t tell you how to do that completely. This guide will tell you all you need to know.

This is the way

So you wanna become King, and you actually did it, but only to discover that your reign will be short because you don’t have it what it takes to make your kingdom last, cos you are broke.

So from the start.

I will use Swadians starting point for this example, but it works for all factions.

Once you start get crossbow and farm Looters around Praven, take your distance and kill them as they approach. AVOID Forest bandits cos they have bows and can easily kill you from distance.
You do that until level 3.

Once you get enough money to get chain mail, lance, shield, and horse you go after your companions and while doing that you do in order: Tournaments, Lord Rescue and Bandit lair missions each time you can.
Next are tournaments, you go to every tournament you can, easiest money is in Praven. so you don’t want to miss that one ever.

Talking to Tavern owner tells you if any such mission is available and from what Lord.
ALWAYS follow game log to see what Lord is taken prisoner so you can talk to his family and release him. To be able to do that you have to buy heavy crossbow, and often cooperate with village leaders to set fire. Those are best missions to get money, XP and Lord relation fast.
Next are bandit lair missions, you also want to do that any time you can do them.

As you get money and equipment start farming Sea Riders, they will give you chain mails, good helmets for your crew.

Your first big Goal is to get 10000 coins so you can buy your first business enterprise in Rivacheg, why? Rivacheg is only town where your business will generate 1000 to 1500 coins each week. All other towns generate around 500 coins per week for Velvet enterprise. So you might need to wait week or two and repeatedly visit Guild master to get as close as possible to 1500 coins per week.
You do that whole first year (365 days) until you have Velvet (dyeworks) enterprise in all towns except Veluca and Jelkala (oil press) and ironworks in Suno.

After one year of doing that you DO NOT join any faction, your job is to get your full party completely equipped with top armor and weapons.
Rolf, Nizar, Marnid, Matheld, Lezalit, Borcha, Baheshtur, Artimener.

If you do this by the end of the first year you will have around 10000 coins income per week.
To be able to move around freely without bandits intercepting you you will want to have a party around 30 to 35 people (knights): you + companions + 20+ knights = total 35 people max. Again why? This type of party will generate around 1500 coins of upkeep each week. So you will earn between 8500 and 9000 coins each week.

Your second goal is to accumulate around 1 million coins in next year to be able to undertake the holy goal of uniting Caladria under your banner.

While doing that you will want to focus your attention on 5 villages that are closest to the centre of your new Empire. You rinse and repeat each week and help them (do defend, cattle and grain missions) until you get them to 30+, this will enable you to have a fast source of new soldiers once you begin your conquest.

OFC during the whole second year you do Lord rescue, Bandit lair, and Tournaments any time you can.

After two years in-game it is time to chose your side (My is obvious Swadians) so at the beginning of the third year I have the following situation:
I am friend with King Harlaus and 5 Swadian lords (friendship over 60 points)
Over 1 million coins and a full band of 90 Knights.
Owner of one village.

Wait for war with Rhodoks. Your cavalry should do excellent against them in open plains and soon enough you will have your first Castle.
Put full company in Castle, get new recruits, train them and repeat.
Now you will see the importance of good preparation. if you don’t have a business in each town you will be broke before you can get enough people to protect two castles. FAIL.
This way you are still earning credits and you are able to expand.

It is important to be in good relations with King so he can give you more land, as time goes your King will give you more and more Castles and Towns as other Lords in Kingdom will be striped of their properties and banished from. Once you feel powerful enough (2 towns, 2 castles, few villages) you can split and start your own kingdom.

Make sure that you have your base close to villages you have good relationships so you can fast replace lost soldiers.

From this point on you can focus on the weakest faction and take from them castle by castle, and eventually towns.

Take castle, put 70 guards, 50 archers for protection, move on, take new property and do this until you own everything.

It is that simple.