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Tips and Guide to Beat the Volleyball Level! for Castle Crashers

Tips and Guide to Beat the Volleyball Level!


Hi! I will show you a way to finishing the Volleyball level in 1-2 tries – Solo or Multiplayer.


Well recently, a player added me asking for help with the Volleyball level and that reminded me of my own countless failures before completing this level.

Since it is technically a “boss fight” in which you must complete the level to progress in the game, there is no way around it.

Location: Final stage of the “Sand Castle Roof”

You will fight against 4 Saracens (Sand guys) and no it is not impossible.

Quick Tips

  • Watch the ball’s shadow – Because this is a 2D game, it will be difficult to coordinate your movements with the fast travelling ball, so a tip is to simply look where ball’s shadow is moving and stand on it so you only have to focus on thing when locating the ball: the ground.
  • You can stun enemies – If you stand at the very right of your side of the court, you can hit the enemies via melee or by using your magic splash attack. Keep in mind you cannot kill the enemies, only stun them.
  • Stunned enemies can’t move nor pick up the ball ­čśë


Now moving onto the main strategy, this will work with solo and multiplayer mode.

Since you are on your own, you are solely responsible for returning the ball. Hence if the ball flies into the back end of your court, you will be at a slight disadvantage as opposed to having a proper team.

  • To prevent the ball from entering the back side of the court, jump up and hit the ball immediately as it enters your side. Thus you don’t need to move around as much and can focus on doing the splash attack.

1. Before starting the match, stand at the right edge of your court and use your magic splash damage to hit 1-2 of the enemies. The splash attack will stun the enemies multiple times.

2. Immediately after using the splash attack, run back and hit the ball into their side.

Splash attacks such as Pink knight’s Rainbow attack will stun the enemies 2-4 times over around 2 seconds. Therefore only half of the 4 enemies will be able to return the ball thus greatly increasing your chances of scoring a point.

3. Continue using the splash attack to stun enemies right before hitting the ball back. If they score, leave the ball sitting in your side of the court and repeat Steps 1 and 2.

Half the team use the splash damage, the other half stand in the back of the court and return the ball.


Now I understand that most people would have already completed this level but hopefully this guide will save new and old players some time when playing through a new character.

Thanks for reading ­čÖé