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Tired Of Breaking Wood doors like barb boss? for Castle Crashers

Tired Of Breaking Wood doors like barb boss?


Tired of breaking doors such as the barbarian boss entrance from barbarian war? or like Bricks in Theives forest? just get the red bird and walk through Thieves Forest at the starting you should get a boomarang. and if you do you can throw it at the door things! it should help i do it if i am going through because it is duper fast! so please enjoy doing that its like doing old xp glitch but breaks like 1 second[TIP] You dont have to throw it at max Power.[TIP] You Can throw it at weak as can go thats how i do it it works the same as full power![TIP] Having Troubles finding the Bird just ask one of Your Friends (If They Have It) to tell you where it is that should help.[Guide] GOOD DAY!