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TNT Spamming = Lag? for No More Room in Hell

TNT Spamming = Lag?


On high settings TNT gives off ALOT of particals and dust from the explosion, it spreads out all over the place, sometimes even clips through walls. It can sometimes lag your game for a few seconds even on high powered PCs if you’re up close. On servers with gun-menu/unlimited-ammo/and token-respawns you would be entering a world of crap.Me and a bunch of others playing on one of those modded servers on nms_nacht_der_untoten_v6 and were throwing quite a bit of TNT everywhere and it was increasing the latency. Rather than yelling at each other, we all took the time at round end to “experiment” what happens if all eight of us threw TNT in one spot at the same time (my idea). We counted to three and all threw the TNTs into one corner.Very, very, bad idea…The frame rate went down like crazy to 2 or 3 frames, ping went up, three players died in the blast radius, and one guy nearly got disconnected because his PC lagged like hell. Best idea would’ve been to get far as back and look away from it like slenderman-static.Don’t spam stuff kids, adults, P2Ps, F2Ps, or whatever kind of person you are. Just don’t do it man, there’s so much a game engine can take before it turns hostile to your PC.