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Tomb Raider 100% Complete Walkthrough for Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider 100% Complete Walkthrough


100% walkthrough of Tomb Raider 2013, by Roli’s Tomb Raider Channel. This Walkthrough features all:*Story*Challenges*Relics*GPS Caches*Documents*Optional TombsHope You EnjoyNotes* This was played on PS3, but the walkthrough can be used for the Steam PC Version* If you like, please Rate up, and Favorite*Don’t forget to leave a comment! :)*The videos were made by my friend, Roli, please subscribe to him at his channel:

Scavenger’s Den, Coastal Bluffs and Coastal Forest


Tomb of the Lost Adventurer (DLC)

Challenge – Ghost Hunter

Coastal Forest Collectibles

Mountain Temple and Mountain Village (First Visit)


Challenge – Pyromaniac

Mountain Temple Collectibles

Mountain Village Collectibles

Base Approach and Mountain Base


Challenge – Non-Beleiver

Base Approach Collectibles

Mountain Base Collectibles

Base Exterior and Cliffside Village


Base Exterior Collectibles

Mountain Village (2nd Visit) and Mountain Pass

Story + Hall of Ascension

Challenge – Egg Poacher

Challenge – Illumination

Mountain Village Collectibles

Chasm Monastery and Mountain Village (3rd Visit)


Mountain Descent and Shantytown

Story + Well of Tears and Chamber of Judgement

Challenge – Laid to Rest

Challenge – Silencer

Shantytown Collectibles

Geothermal Caverns and Solarri Fortress


Challenge – Firestarter

Geotherman Cavern Collectibles

Solarri Tower and Summit Forest


Challenge – Red Cap Roundup

Summit Forest Collectibles

Gondola Transport and Shipwreck Beach (1st Visit)

Story +Flooded Vault Tomb

Challenge – Mine Sweeper

Challenge – Cairn Raider

Shipwreck Beach Collectibles

Cliffside Bunker and Shipwreck Beach (2nd Visit)

Story +Temple of the Handmaidens Tomb

Challenge – Previous Inhabitants

Cliffside Bunker Collectibles

Research Base and Mountain Pass (2nd Visit)


Challenge – Sun Killer

Research Base Collectibles

Chasm Stronghold and Chasm Shrine


Chasm Shrine Collectibles

Chasm Ziggurat (+Ending)